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Unique Underwater and Over Water Resorts

When looking for a tropical getaway, the types of destinations that always get my attention are the unique resorts offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether it’s sleeping with the fishes underwater or relaxing in your own private bungalow that sits atop pristine blue waters, you feel like you’ve been transported to a dream-like world.  You can spend your whole day swimming, snorkeling or just admiring the many different species of sea mammals. The marine creatures, crystal blue sea, luxurious suites and unmatched views bring you so close the ocean, you feel like you’re part of it for a day or two.

Here are some of my top picks for spending your vacation on or under the water:

The Manta Resort, Pemba Island

Right at the top of the list of places I’d rather be is the Manta Resort, located on Pemba Island just off the coast Of Tanzania.  Sitting about 250 meters off-shore the three story structure offers both marine level bedroom downstairs and a rooftop deck upstairs.  While it’s a bit difficult to reach, you’ll enjoy privacy, romance, adventure and lots of water sports in a pristine natural setting.  It’s rustic and a great chance to spend your days away from whatever it is you’re trying to escape.


Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

While the Poseidon Undersea Resort has spent years in development, you can register to be one of the first guests when it opens.  This five-star resort will offer a completely off-the-charts unique experience featuring luxury accommodations under the ocean.  You enter through an elevator and the pressure inside the resort is completely comfortable, plus it’s air conditioned and humidity controlled.  With stunning views of the undersea habitat, guests will enjoy the world’s first true underwater resort with amenities like 2 restaurants, a library, spa treatments and the chance to pilot a 3-person submersible.  You have to admit, exploring the lagoon using the personal Triton submarine sounds out of this world.  Sign me up!!


Conrad Maldives, Rangali Islands

While we’re on the topic of underwater and over water, another top hotel comes to mind.  The Conrad Maldives is a “wow” experience of a lifetime, located on an fantastic and unforgettable island.  The private resort has over water villas and an underwater restaurant.  While most of the resort is above water, you’ll be happy to spend your days on the white sand beaches, playing in the water around your villa or snorkeling the house reef.  Make sure you do dinner at Ithaa, you won’t be disappointed.


Le Méridien, Bora Bora

The world capital of over the water lodging is most definitely Bora Bora.  Many people fall in love with the area and can’t wait to go back to their perfect little villa overlooking the water with a backdrop of mountains.  The location is one of the most stunning, beautiful, photogenic and tranquil settings you will ever visit. Pack your bags and head to the Le Méridien for a trip of a lifetime.  The highlight of your trip is the water.  The temperature is perfect, no matter day or night.  You’ll love snorkeling off your deck and to and from your room, as well as seeing the all the colorful fish, turtles and stingrays swimming under your bungalow’s huge glass bottom floor.  Make sure you head out on the shark and ray feeding tour, which is pretty incredible.


Have you ever stayed at an underwater or over water resort?  Share your experience.

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  1. Hi Samantha. I have not stayed at an underwater resort. It sounds scary.
    Hey, are you going to be back on t.v. on a regular basis. You were holding a lot of people to the travel channel, from the comments I read on their site.

    Well, not to put down the business end of anything- but it’s so nice to go back and get that great attitude!


  2. Hi Samantha!
    Yes!! I love the idea of underwater resorts especially after staying at an overwater resort in The Maldives. We went to Anantara Dhigu, Maldives for our honeymoon and it was the most incredible trip we have taken. Sun, sand, snorkeling and swimming with the wildlife was a once in a lifetime experience. The overwater spa with the cutout floors were amazing during our treatments. We cannot wait to check out one of the resorts you mentioned in the future.
    Cheers!!! You are fab BTW!!

  3. I’ve never stayed in an underwater resort, but the closest I came to it was going to the Coral World observatory in St. Thomas when my wife and I were on our honeymoon.

  4. You are my favorite tv show host when i was still a little kid. I simply love watching you walk to one place and then to another, show us cool houses and amazing sights. Sami upstairs is right, we want to go back and get that great attitude!

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