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Sleeping Around

In the world of travel, a “must do” as important as a museum visit or foodie tour is… the nap.  It’s obvious why, its restores your energy and enables you to process everything you’ve just done and gets you ready for the rest of the day. The tranquility of a nap gives us a well-needed break from our travel companions and also just makes us less grumpy.

And while I have my “must have” list when I travel: my pinky balls, my peanut butter, etc.  For the road trip here’s another one to consider.  The humble hammock.  The hammock I speak of today is not your garden variety backyard hammock that can fit the whole family, but rather one that is more portable and can be strung up at a moment’s notice when the scene is so perfect and so beautiful you just want to curl up and sleep with it.

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Keep in mind that a stay in a hammock while traveling is a short-term commitment and shouldn’t leave a trace after you’ve rolled it up and moved along.  A good candidate is one that is a hammock geared more towards camping and backpacking.  Those hammocks are lightweight and compact and can be found with webbing straps at either end that can wrap several times around a fixed object, like a tree, and should cause no damage to that object.

Keep one in the back of your car so the power to nap anywhere is yours!

Do you have a hammock?  Would you consider traveling with a portable hammock?

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Taking a nap in a hammock by the shore
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