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Cowboy Heaven at the C Lazy U Ranch

Every once in awhile I find myself daydreaming about the Old West and what it must have been like to live the simple life; traveling by horse, bathing in a copper tub and enjoying a good rodeo every now and again.   Today I’m thinking about traveling back in time to the ideal setting of C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado.  It’s a unique and mesmerizing place that makes you feel like part of a classic cowboy movie. And while you might think you have to travel a long way to revisit the Old West, thankfully this 94-year old luxury ranch is located about 100 miles west of the Denver International Airport.

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Families love the C Lazy U Ranch because there’s something for everyone.  The big draw is the horse ranch.  The C Lazy U is one of the top horseback riding ranches in Colorado and with over 175 horses everyone is paired with a horse specifically suited to their riding ability.  The best part is you keep the same horse all week and before long he’s a friend for life.  If you’re not into horseback riding you can go mountain biking, fly fishing, play tennis, lounge at the pool or hot tub, or take a yoga class at the well-appointed fitness center.  There are tons of kid activities and NO television, so your little ones will have the outdoor adventure of their lives while you and your mate can settle in for a nice glass of wine next to a roaring fire.

The Lazy U Spa

If all the horseback riding and outdoor exploring have you feeling a little run down, head over the Lazy U Spa for a more soothing experience.  Step out of the saddle and into one of the specialty treatments like the “Cowboy Soak” that takes place in the moonlight in an old-fashioned tub overlooking the creek with champagne and strawberries.


Family Rodeo

Every Saturday afternoon the Ranch puts on a “Shodeo” where everyone gets to show off the equestrian skills learned during the week.  The kids are the stars of the show and have a great time practicing, performing and receiving a special reward.  Be sure to take plenty of photos!


Cowboy Coffee

When you’re busy riding and exploring the dude ranch, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Make sure you rise early on Friday for the Woodsy Breakfast where you’ll soak in unforgettable views of the Indian Peaks that overlook Willow Creek.   A cookout breakfast of fresh-made donuts, trout, eggs, bacon and pancakes are served next to a roaring fire with Cowboy Coffee.


Have you ever vacationed at a dude ranch?  Share your experience in the comments below…

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  1. I have alwys wanted to visit a ranch like this. It is on my bucket list but I am getting to old to really enjoy it fully. So I most likely won’ t ever do it. Too bad for me. :(:(:(:(

  2. We stayed at the C Lazy U ranch every summer (third week in August) for 14 years. Mostly families and most of the same families came back every year. Our son went with us every year from the time he was 8 until he graduated college. It is a special, magical place. I wasn’t a real horseback person, but I would go for a ride in the morning, have lunch and then go back to the cabin, light a fire in the fireplace and have a fantastic nap. Thanks for writing about this — brings back wonderful memories.

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