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2014 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travelers

You can say what you want about Valentine’s Day…it’s a polarizing holiday that we humans seem to either embrace, despise or completely ignore. I have always thought of Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to road-test your relationship with a romantic escape Valentine’s Day is also a good time to road-test a relationship that is growing more serious.  While we won’t come right out and say it, you know that you have to be able to travel with someone to be in a real long term relationship.  So if you can, give the gift of travel, a memorable trip with your sweetheart that you both will remember for years to come.

If you’re shopping for a more traditional gift for your honey-bunny and want something they will take on their travels and smile, thinking of you, then here is a good list to get your started:

Building Blocks for Travelers

This adorable travel gift charmed my electrical sockets off!  Take it from me…you never realize you need adapters until the night before your international flight.   Then even if you do have them you have to figure out where you put them after your last trip.  I love the bright style of these adapters, unlike the usual beige or grey, their cheerful colors will make it nearly impossible for you to forget them in the plugs of hotels.

Buy at Amazon: Flight 001 Adapter


Scratch Your Travel Itch

No matter how much I travel, I always feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.  This poster sized map makes a great art piece on the wall and is a conversation starter as well as a fun reminder of all the places you’ve traveled.  If there’s a road trip in your future, make sure you buy a U.S. map so you can scratch your path through wherever you are driving.  Nothing says I love traveling like a scratch-off map.

Buy at Amazon: World Map Poster Scratch-Off


Travel Lingerie Bag by Melissa Beth Designs 

Most women will tell you that it’s not a good idea to just pack lingerie in a suitcase.  Luggage is searched all the time by airport security or your future mother-in-law might be looking over your shoulder while you unpack.  So you have to play it cool.  That is the idea behind this adorable lingerie bag that is a perfect way to keep all your silky stuff tidy and organized while you travel.

Buy at Melissa Beth Designs


Beat the TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule

As a traveler who loves her beauty products, the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule has personally tormented me for ten years now.  I’m always looking for a dry version of a liquid product so it won’t count against the 3.4 measly ounces we are allowed to pack.  La Fresh has taken everything from nail polish remover to deodorant to bug spray and put it in wipe form.  I am particularly found of the Body Soother wipes which give me a sense of indulgence and calm even while sitting in a middle seat in economy.

Buy at Amazon: La Fresh Eco Beauty Travel Pack


Samantha Brown Luggage

Does your sweetheart travel a lot like me?  Is she picky and a stickler for great luggage?  If so, you’re in luck… a few years ago I worked hand-in-hand with HSN to design my own luggage line that not only lives up to my tough standards, but looks great too.  You won’t find any basic black luggage in my collection!  The design process really began over a decade ago when I boarded my first flight that began my job as a world traveler. A job that would take me to 54 countries, traveling many miles (I stopped counting after a million) on the road for 230 days out of the year, and checking in and out of hundreds upon hundreds of hotels.  You can count on me for a great luggage recommendation—and for a Valentine’s Day gift to remember.

Buy at HSN


TSA Approved WordLocks

Keeping your luggage safe and secure is one of everyone’s top priorities while traveling.  Locks, however, can sometimes be difficult to operate and under certain stressful conditions, remembering the combination can seem like an unsolvable puzzle.  WordLocks are TSA approved for official security purposes and the best feature is that you can use your favorite code words to open the lock.  So if your better half has trouble remembering random digits, this little gift will make them smile.


Buy at Amazon: Wordlock TSA Approved Lock

His and Hers RoadID Bracelets 

This gift can really save your life!  Sometimes a medical emergency can arise without warning.  Nothing says “I love you” like a gift that can come to the rescue.  Rest easy knowing your biking and hiking buddy has their RoadID with them if they are traveling and hit the trail alone.  This handy and stylish ID bracelet lists name, blood type, emergency contact info and other customize information that is needed during an emergency. The RoadID website offers doctors easy access to your medical information.  As their saying goes “If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.” At first RoadID was marketed to serious athletes, but anyone, especially travelers will find this bracelet a smart idea.  It’s a smart and practical gift that let’s your partner know how much you care.

Buy at


Passport Wallet & Tote by Gillian Stevens

I’m always looking for unique and stylish travel accessories.  This ocean-blue colored passport sleeve is perfect for anyone who considers life away from the beach to be torturous.  Now they can carry their passport with a beach-lovers mantra hand painted on the colorful leather 4×6 sleeve.  Function for both travel and shopping, this adorable and sporty canvas and leather tote will quickly become a favorite of yours and you make your way through countless boutiques and cities (it also comes in black).

Buy at Dewdrop Designs

life is better in flip flopsbag-2


What are you giving your frequent traveler this year?

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