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2013 Top Gifts for Travelers

If you’re like me and love to travel then you’ve come to right place!  Gift shopping is a good time to pick up a few things for yourself (I do it all the time!).   Here are some really great ideas to get you going. Things that will keep you warm, enhance any journey, and simplify your travel routines.  Here are my top picks for travel gifts:

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Frommer’s 2014 EasyGuides

Having trouble with that certain world traveler that seems to know it all?  Here’s a great idea for a gift that provides candid advice from the most trusted brand in travel.  Not only does Frommer’s give you an updated view of the travel world with practical tips and usable information, these new guides go deep into recent popular trends such as AirBNB and HomeAway.  There are twenty “easy guides” that include 256 pages and are value priced at less than ten dollars.  The best news is you actually get opinions from the author’s best recommendations.  Yes, real opinions that highlight the places that are going to make a person’s vacation much, much better. Need I say more?  This is a guaranteed hit!

Buy at Amazon Frommer’s EasyGuides


Eagles Nest Hammock

If you love someone who loves the outdoors, then get them one of these cute, comfortable, ultra-portable hammocks.  Both functional and stylish, the Eagles Nest hammock conveniently shrinks down to a size that will comfortably fit inside any backpack or tote. You simply string it up between two sturdy anchors and it provides instant relaxation almost anywhere you can imagine.

Buy at Eagles Nest Outfitters


Smittybilt Seat Covers

A great gift for the man or road warrior in your life.  Make the father of three feel like a cool dude again with this ultimate road trip seat organizer.  The tough as nails military look will camouflage its use as an organizer of baby wipes, extra pacifiers and grape juice boxes.

Buy at Amazon Smittybilt Seat Cover




The XD Window Solar Charger

This is a really great idea that looks incredibly futuristic and utilizes the power of the sun.  You can charge your smartphone or other devices in the car, office, airport or hotel room with a 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery.  This handy charger has a USB output and mini USB input, it sticks to your windows and soaks up the sun.  This is a practical and energy efficient device that offers peace of mind should the power go out.  It’s a great gift for the smart and eco-minded traveler.

Buy at Touch of Modern


Mustela Hydra-Stick

Nothing says “I love you” more than the gift of skin care.  This incredible product is made for babies tender cheeks and it works like a dream on adult skin too! The layer of soft moisturizing cream it leaves on your cheeks makes it essential for the winter or any long and dehydrating plane ride.  Keep your loved one’s skin looking good and pick one up for your next adventure.

Buy at Mustela USA

Mustela Hydra Stick

Triple C BluCube Speaker

If you like to travel with a speaker, but worry about the size and bulk, try this mini cube called Triple C. It’s bluetooth enabled and has the best sound of any traveling speaker I’ve tried.  My advice is to get the brighter colors (as opposed to black) so they don’t disappear into your suitcase or blend in with all your other electronics.

Buy at Amazon: Triple C BluCube Speaker


Eton Boost Bloc

I can’t tell you how many times this little gadget has saved me.  If you cannot function without your smartphone then this is a must have.  Order two and give the gift of freedom to the frequent traveler on your list.  Small enough to fit in any purse or backpack, it charges your phone (up to 3 times) while you move about the planet.  I have even used this on my bike, it’s that small and convenient.  Just plug it in and go!  No waiting around for your phone to charge.

Buy at Amazon: Eton BoostBloc



Cashmere Infinity  Scarf

Cashmere is a gift anyone can enjoy.  Young or old, male or female, adventure junkie or couch potato–cashmere is the perfect way to spoil the people on your holiday list.  This is the fabric you want against your skin when you want to stay warm and relaxed. It’s so soft and luxurious and well worth the expense since really anything made of cashmere never goes out of style. Go for darker colors so that food and drink spills don’t show up so easily.  Smart travelers know to ditch the blanket and pack the scarf, it’s the best way to stay warm and look good on the road. Important note: This time of year it’s very popular to give or receive cashmere socks. I do not recommend these at all. They cause feet to sweat while in shoes and sweaty feet are uncomfortable.

Buy at Restoration Hardware


DCI Flexi Flash

When you travel the lights are never where you want them to be especially for bedtime reading.   It’s that little ray of light to keep handy at the end of the day to find keyholes, something that’s dropped under a seat or your “smartphone flashlight” runs out of juice.


WineSkin Travel Bag

Talk about a great solution to a serious travel problem!  Transporting wine back from your trip to Napa, France or Italy just got a whole lot easier.  These bags are an excellent gift for the traveler who can’t quite return home without a bottle of locally produced wine (sound familiar?).    The leak-proof, bubble wrap bag fits regular size (750ml) wine bottles only and has a double seal system to help keep your clothes safe should a breakage occur.  You can also use it to transport various gifts and luxuries such as olive oil, vinegar, spices and liquors.  If it fits, you’re good to go!  [Note: bags are not reusable due to the adhesive seal, so stock up]

Buy at Amazon:  WineSkin Travel Bag

wine skin

Samantha Brown Luggage 

I spend a lot of time on the road dissecting the good and bad features of luggage.  Throughout my million plus miles on the road or in the air, I have channeled various experiences and pages of notes into my own luggage line that you can buy on HSN.  No basic or boring colors, everything is bright and a good fit for any travel style.  You can have both function and a gorgeous bag in one lovable package.   You better believe every mom, sister, aunt or grandma will be thrilled to find it under the tree!

[Note:  Due to my recent appearance on HSN, many styles, colors and sets are sold out.  Keep checking back for new inventory.]


Stay tuned! More fabulous ideas for travel gifts are on the way.

Do you have a favorite travel gift?  Share the gift you use most frequently during your travels.

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  2. When will you be selling your entire luggage set again? I would like to buy the entire first class luggage set in burgandy and any matching accessories. Also, will you be making a lap top bag and an ipad travel cover to match?

  3. When are you going to have the different colors in the charger wallets .love them but like the other colors better than Orange

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