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Why You Should Go to Nicaragua Now

Craving a hot weather vacation? Go to Nicaragua.

When it comes to Central American travel, it’s not the most popular destination. It’s not widely recognized for it’s adventure and eco-tourism like its neighbor, Costa Rica. It isn’t known for impressive SCUBA diving and snorkeling like Belize. Guess what? Nicaragua has all of these things, yet its tourism industry hasn’t exploded (well, at least not yet). That’s what I love about it, and it’s why Nicaragua is one of those places that’s just stuck with me.

A trip here is truly immersive. I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice, and both times I instantly felt like I was a part of the local fabric, not a voyeur. People would pass me on the street, smile and say “hola” as if they had known me my entire life!

Go to nicaragua - samantha brown

Nicaragua is beautiful, with something for everyone. I love trekking through the enchanting rainforests, filled with colorful birds (over 700 species!), howler monkeys and sloths. The beaches are nothing short of spectacular, with stunning seascapes and waves that call to surfers from around the world. And by the way, did you know Nicaragua has 24 (!) volcanoes?

If exploring an active volcano isn’t quite your speed, fear not: there’s lots of eating, drinking and relaxing to be done. As far as cuisine goes, Nicaragua is all about comfort food– I could live on fresh fruit, nacatamales (steamed corncakes) and vigoron, a banana leaf topped with yucca, pork, chicharrón (aka pork rinds!) and a cabbage and tomato salad. And let’s not forget the AMAZING coffee. Starbucks has nothing on the stuff they’re picking, roasting and brewing here. You’ll also find a number of accommodations that actually prove “luxury eco-lodge” isn’t an oxymoron.

Lonely Planted dubbed Nicaragua #4 on their 2015 list of the world’s top travel destinations. I have to agree. So do yourself a favor and go soon! You’ll thank me later.

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  1. I have been to Cuba, Costa Rica, (almost bought a place on the beach), and Nicaragua. Love Nicaragua! Helps if you speak Spanish and are willing to embrace the local culture.

  2. I would like to go to London because my daughters are there and also i like to go to Italy, Vienna, Switzerland and the whole of Europe then i want to go travel whole of America….oh how i miss my days as flight stewardess. I admire you Samantha for being so adventures and gets to travel alot and i love love love your 50/50 programme. M frm Malaysia just like Nicaragua my country also have similar offers

  3. It worries me that someone who would never travel to Nicaragua normally might go based on a recommendation by Samantha brown and end up being a victim of some horrible crime in that country. Samantha, I’m a big fan of yours, but I think you should at least make mention of the safety aspect. Many websites note that Nicaragua can be a very unsafe country to travel to, much more so than most other countries.

    1. Jeff, I am not sure why you think Nicaragua is unsafe (?). It is as safe, if not safer, than any other Latin American country. Please make sure your research is current and correct because I have researched quite the opposite.

    2. Nicaragua is actually one of the safest if not the safest country in latin america. A quick internet research and you can see that all major publications agree witht this statement.

  4. In 1959 Cuban tobacco planters fled their country with plants they would later use for beginning a new life in Nicaragua. These plants, unlike Cuban leaves, benefited from modern agricultural advances largely from the US. For the connoisseur, there are no better cigars than those from Nicaragua.

  5. Searched many websites and country’s sites and I’ve found that Nicaragua is considered the safest country in central america. Believe it or not, safer than their neighbor to the south. Don’t forget, every country has area considered not safe, including the U.S. but many locals would tell you about them if you ask. People are very friendly and accomodating. Nicaragua is beautiful with lots to offer, food, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rivers and lakes, etc. Enjoy

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