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Nicaragua: A Surfer’s Paradise

A travel lifestyle that even I’m envious of…

People dream of being a rock star and really, why? All that travel yet never knowing where you are? The endless sound checks and pressure to have cool hair?  The lifestyle of the professional surfer seems so much more appealing to me.  A life lived between sky and sea, the surfer travels the world in search of perfect waves finding destinations of little known paradise and exotic cultures along the way.  If you want more from your next beach getaway than searching for decent parking and competing for space in the sand, my money would be to follow where the surfers head to and right now the boys of summer are in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s beaches have quickly become one of the go-to destinations in North America for surfers looking for big, consistent waves.  The water stays warm year-round and the beaches have amenities that range from the full service high end resort experience to traditional “surf camps” that offer accommodations to suit travelers’ needs, skills and budgets.  Best of all, it’s far enough away to not have to share waves with huge crowds, but can still be reached from the U.S. in just a few hours.   So if you’re still deciding this summer if you should go to Rock Star Fantasy Camp, try surfing instead and know that in Nicaragua summer is all year long.

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Where’s your favorite place to surf?

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  1. Just wanted to say,,, wee, a post on my birthday! LOL. But really, Nicaragua sounds like an amazing place to be. I miss watching Passport to Latin America. And yeah,, I would LOVE to be a rockstar and traveling to destinations, not knowing where you are sometimes? Isn’t it one of the better parts of traveling sometimes? Just wondering~

  2. Loved your comment “and right now the boys of summer are in Nicaragua”… great surfers have always found their way here, before the breaks were even named, before the hotels, hostels and restaurants… locals boys 10-12 years ago surfed on cast off broken boards or bits of styrofoam construction debri – now they surf with skills that could rival a pro! too bad they are too young to be surfing the ISA World Masters Surf contest that Nicaragua is hosting right now!! There is a great surfing future ahead for Nicaragua and we are proud to have been there this past decade!! Saludos from the crew at Two Brothers Surf Resort Nicaragua!!

  3. Hello, Im nicaraguan !! thanks for this great article about my country! You are very welcome here! 🙂

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