Hawaii: Paradise Found

Hawaii, and all of its islands, is a deeply spiritual place. Modern high-rise hotels and packed beaches soon give way to less populated lands and small towns that boast a more ancient way of life where beliefs forged over two thousand years ago still hold sway.

Born of volcanoes with an environment so lush that flowers grow on top of flowers and tropical fruits grow so fat in their juices that they drop from trees. Paradise is never so reaffirmed than when you have to step over mangoes like fallen pine cones. And no matter where you are it seems like the deep blue Pacific is following you.

The 50th State is an archipelago and an individual island all in one. It’s no wonder why this the most isolated group of islands in the world, is also one of it’s most desired destinations. Even it’s name sounds like a prayer to the relaxation gods. With rain forests and waterfalls, dramatic surf and black sand beaches and an erupting volcanic crater adding new land almost every day.

Hawaii is part finished masterpiece, part heavenly work in progress.

Are you a regular to Hawaii? Share some of your thoughts on this dreamy destination.

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