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Hawaii: Paradise Found

Hawaii, and all of its islands, is a deeply spiritual place. Modern high-rise hotels and packed beaches soon give way to less populated lands and small towns that boast a more ancient way of life where beliefs forged over two thousand years ago still hold sway.

Born of volcanoes with an environment so lush that flowers grow on top of flowers and tropical fruits grow so fat in their juices that they drop from trees. Paradise is never so reaffirmed than when you have to step over mangoes like fallen pine cones. And no matter where you are it seems like the deep blue Pacific is following you.

The 50th State is an archipelago and an individual island all in one. It’s no wonder why this the most isolated group of islands in the world, is also one of it’s most desired destinations. Even it’s name sounds like a prayer to the relaxation gods. With rain forests and waterfalls, dramatic surf and black sand beaches and an erupting volcanic crater adding new land almost every day.

Hawaii is part finished masterpiece, part heavenly work in progress.

Are you a regular to Hawaii? Share some of your thoughts on this dreamy destination.

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  1. My husband and I love Hawaii. We are very lucky to go almost every year, and we stay in Ko Olina on Oahu, but we venture all over the island in search of lovely beaches and great food. Some of our favorite spots: Aloha General Store in Haliewa for shave ice, Boots and Kimo’s in Kailu for macadamia nut syrup on fluffy pancakes, and The Little Noodle Shop in Chinatown for delicious everything.

    This year, we hope to go to the Big Island for a couple of days. Suggestions for B&Bs and good hole in the wall food locations are welcome!

  2. I’m a native from Hawaii and I recently discovered many of your Girl Meets Hawaii segments, and I wanted to extend to you my greatest mahalo and aloha for your representation and portrayal of Hawaii, its culture and its people. We are often misrepresented or inaccurately portrayed and it warms my heart to see that this is not always the case. Mahalo nui loa Samantha Brown! May you be a part of Hawaii for many years to come.

  3. I have never been to Hawaii and after watching Girl Meets Hawaii I so want to go!! Any additional information would be helpful!! I’m an outdoor person so anything about hiking, swimming/snorkeling, and horseback riding would be great!! I’d LOVE to try surfing!!

  4. Really miss your “Girl Meets Hawaii” series. Too bad you’re probably burnt out on Hawaii. Seeing you there was magical. Hope to see you there again in your ‘places to love’ show.

  5. Hi Samantha, I am a Hawai’i born Island boy, grew up in Southern California. I moved back to Hawaii about 16 years ago. I watched your Girl Meets Hawaii episodes on Travel Channel and I LOVED it. You truly brought out the best of the Islands, especially for all the people who have now been to Hawai’i. You have inspired me to do a travel blog now when I go back to Oahu in the summertime.
    Also, is there a way I can get to see those episodes again? Maybe on DVD or some streaming service?

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Black sand beach in Hawaii
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