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My Favorite Places to Relax in Jackson, Wyoming

The minute you arrive in beautiful Jackson, you’ll start thinking of ways that will allow you to move there: Maybe I could open a coffee shop? Mend fences? Finally, an opportunity to launch my chainsaw art career! Who wants a giant, wooden bald eagle?

It may not happen now, but one can dream. What is a guarantee is the feeling of relaxation and calm while there and enjoying all the sweet experiences this destination has to offer. Here are just some of my favorites.

Take in the majestic nature landscapes

What’s especially fabulous about Jackson Hole is the mix of outdoorsy activities available within a short drive of town. The trails at Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons are a favorite. There are various hike options, from quickie 2-3 milers to longer, all-day treks. Best part? It’s only half an hour from Jackson.

samantha brown - jackson hole

East Broadway Strolling

I love hiking for a few hours, then treating myself to a delicious meal followed by bumming around. You could hang around Jackson’s main square, but I say walk the few blocks between there and E. Broadway for a little more charm, where buildings give way to lovely clapboard homes that house gift shops, restaurants, and bakeries.

Cafe Genevieve: A Refueling Lunch

cafe genevieve's chicken & waffles - jackson hole

I adore breakfast and lunch at Café Genevieve. These guys do inspire home cooking—think chicken and waffles, filling Reubens, and salads with locally caught rainbow trout. If you have the opportunity, try their Pig Candy– applewood smoked bacon, topped with sugar and spice, and everything nice. If weather permits, grab a seat on the sunny porch. It’s pet-friendly, too.

Persephone Bakery: Coffee, Snacks & Cocktails

persephone bakery - jackson hole

For coffee and baked goods, go to Persephone Bakery. This local spot is super charming, with treats baked daily from scratch: stellar croissants, naughty brioche cinnamon rolls, and cookies of all kinds. They do sandwiches and salads, too. Sip on a fancy-feeling tea, great coffee from Intelligentsia roasters, or if you’re visiting after 5 pm (or before… no judgment, you’re on vacation!), a glass of wine or cocktail from their lovely list.

Snow King: Ski with the Locals

Snow King - Jackson Hole

Although we’re mostly talking about stuff to do in town, when it comes to mountain living, you have to talk about skiing. My most recent visit to Jackson was in the summer. However, the locals told me the best ski spot is Snow King. It’s the only place in town with night skiing.  Skiing with locals… sounds perfect.

I’m sure I’m missing a few great spots. Share your favorites in the comments!

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      1. October is the perfect time to visit! Crowds have thinned, the Parks are still open, and the weather usually behaves. Aspen trees turning glittery yellow. That being said, always bring layers when you visit Jackson. Temps can range from the 80’s down to the 30’s in October, and it’s not unusual to have a 40 degree swing in temps in a single 24-hour period. Try to plan your visit for the earlier part of October. By the end of the month, all bets are off!

        And if you want to know what’s going on in the arts, visit the Jackson Hole Art Blog, written by yours truly! TONS of content, all up-to-date!

  1. Love it there anytime, but Fall is my favorite. The scenery and wildlife of Grand Teton … just spectacular!

  2. Num dia gostaria muito de conhecer sua terra pra apreciar meus sentimenos…obrigado pela boa oportunidade de me apresentar a sua terra maravilhosa.

  3. Sam, have not been there since the early 1980’s. How has it changed? I remember a short hike at Jenny Lake on the way to Inspiration Falls, but not enough time to complete it, had to get the boat ride back.

  4. Love the Tetons and Jackson. Been there two separate times but both in early June. Nice weather, loads of wild flowers and lots of baby animals at that time (bear, moose, bison, etc). The view of the range and lakes from the top of signal mountain and the view at oxbow bend are my favs and Jenny lake is pretty too. The 6:00 famous gunfight show in Jackson at the town square is a lot of fun. Hope to go back one day

  5. Hi Ms.Samantha, I am big fan of yours. I watch all your programs aired in Discovery Travel & Living, India. Your programs are so good, while watching, I feel I am in that place with you. I get satisfaction of travelling to that place. To be truthful, I cannot afford to travel abroad and with your programs, I am understanding world better.kindly mail your pics and kindly contact me when you visit India.

  6. I try to go once a year and day dream of driving there from Florida one day and staying. Such a beautiful place

    1. Exactly! Pearl St Bagels in town or in Wilson is a must stop!!! Have to check out, best coffee in town!

  7. Since you are a beer drinker, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Snake River Brewhouse. The microbrews there are outstanding, and the food very good–also great atmosphere. Jackson and that area is one of our favorite places. The scenery is breathtaking, and the opportunities for hiking are endless.

  8. Been there several times but now I have more reasons to go back. Don’t forget to mention Bar-J Ranch for a great bbq dinner and cowboy show. And what’s the name of that place for pancakes –Bunny something? And most of all — go to the ski resort nd ride the tram up to the mountain top. Breathtaking!

  9. I have been to Jackson 4 times, 3 of those were for skiing and I recommend snowmobiling in Yellowstone, and the fourth visit was in June to attend a photo workshop. If you have any interest at all in photography, beginner or experienced, I highly recommend going on a photo tour of this area. The landscape and wildlife are stunning. I traveled with landscape/nature photographer, David Schultz, and you can check out his website and visit the workshop section after admiring his beautiful work. We stayed at the Heart 6 Ranch which gave us an opportunity to photograph the horses each day. Each day we traveled all around the area, sun up to sundown and even attended a rodeo for some challenging shots! Do check it out, you will not regret it!

  10. Silly as it seems I was fascinated by the Wells Fargo bank in town. The woodwork inside was incredible.

  11. Dear Samantha,
    I would love to invite you to the other side of wyoming. Jackson is fabulous, I take nothing away from it. I live in Sheridan wyoming and we have a ton of history in our area. Please come check us out in July when we have our rodeo week. We have the big horns mountain range that is full of wildlife, from bear to moose. Our main street has lovely shops and cafe’s. Mostly the people are the friendliest around. Please check our fine little city at the foot hills of the historic big horns mountains.

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