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My Favorite Secret Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico

What’s my favorite in-the-know place to stay? Inn of the Five Graces, a hotel in Santa Fe.

I know this might sound kind of snobby, but when you travel as much as I do, it takes quite a bit for a hotel to make a serious impression. That doesn’t mean I require a fancy or luxurious room, but I do crave something a little special.

That’s why I love this inn. The hotel opened in 1996, with designers Ira and Sylvia Seret, transforming a neglected cluster of traditional adobe buildings into a unique hotel. The Serets import exotic antiques, rugs, textiles and architectural elements, and outfitted the entire place with their best finds, making for a magical retreat. However, the desgin gets more personal than that: Sylvia Seret’s one-of-a-kind tile mosaics adorn the suites’ kitchens and bathrooms. They’re stunning.

hotel in santa fe - samantha brown

The hotel includes 24 rooms, and it’s truly an oasis. It’s mysterious, with an Arabian Nights meets southwest kind of vibe. From the moment you enter your room, all your senses are engaged. Big, open windows allow you to hear the birds singing, feel the breeze against your skin, see the rustling leaves and soak in the juniper-scented air.

hotel in santa fe - samantha brown

I’m all about a comfy, luxurious bed and these guys nail it. The linens are soft and vibrant, the feather beds so comfy you never want to leave. Really, it’s one of the most romantic, tucked away places I’ve ever stayed.

hotel in santa fe - samantha brown

They also boast an incredible spa and restaurant. Of course, should you ever want to leave, you’ll love the location. It’s right in the heart of one of Santa Fe’s most historic neighborhoods, just two blocks away from the Plaza and the Palace of the Governors. You can’t beat that!

What’s your favorite little known gem of a hotel? Share in the comments!

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  1. During a month-long tour of Italy we stayed in many many hotels, B and B, resorts. The best of all was this little B&B in Florence. Tucked away in an historic building this place has charm and romance galore! We lingered each morning and look forward to returning every evening while we were in town. The view is spectacular!

  2. My husband and I love to sneak away to the Omni Bedford Springs Hotel and spa in Bedford PA. It has a rich heritage of being the summer White House to presidents, and summer retreats for many dignitaries over its rich history. It was restored a few years ago to its original grandeur and then some. Since it is on the national historical registry everything is made to replicate the past. The rooms are gorgeous and filled with antiques. It’s a step back in time. Also a world class golf course, spa, and several wonderful restaurants on site make it a perfect get away.

  3. Flannigan’s Inn just outside of Zion National Park is fantastic. Superior service that results in a comfortable atmosphere. The dining is outstanding. And the star gazing…well, out of this world ; )

  4. I have been going to Santa Fe since I was 16 and am in my 60’s now. So much has changed, but the vibe is still there; or, the vibe is 1/2 in me and 1/2 in Santa Fe and the two halves make a whole?

  5. I love Santa Fe…My favorite place to stay is Bishops Lodge however they are remodeling so Hilton Buffalo Thunder is my other choice. We love going to Ojo Caliente for the day. Different Hot Tubs with different medicinal benefits. Then shopping in Chimayo and visiting the churches and eating at either Ojo Caliente or Rancho de Chimayo.

  6. I love Santa Fe, especially at Christmas time. I have been going for over 30 years. I either stay at Inn on the Alameda or La Fonda. You’ve got to have bucks to stay at Five Graces.

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hotel in santa fe - samantha brown
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