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The Best Places to Play and Relax in Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport is my kind of place.

It’s one of the best things to do in coastal Maine!

Some say bigger is always better.  Well, I tend to disagree.  Some of life’s special treasures are found in small, charming packages.  Such is the case at the Cottages of Cabot Cove near Kennebunkport, Maine.

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These tiny, waterfront cottages are simply adorable.  They are each uniquely decorated and include fresh-baked baskets of goodies and their own private patios and comfy kitchens.  Their charm screams at you to “take it slow” and turn off your cell phone for some real fun and relaxation.

When you’re ready to leave your cozy cottage for some activity, there is plenty to do.  There is something for everyone.  You can golf, bike, kayak, fish, practice yoga, sit on the beach or just laze around under a tree in an Adirondack chair and work the daily crossword puzzle.

Here are some of my top choices in the Kennebunkport area:

Cape Porpoise

Maine’s coast has over 60 lighthouses for you to explore and photograph.  They were once the light that guided sailors, but now the are part of history and the dramatic beauty of the Maine coast.  You can head over to Cape Porpoise and see the Goat Island Lighthouse, watch the fishing crews catch your dinner, enjoy the peaceful journey of sailboats and observe the steady stream of wildlife.

Goose Rocks Beach

Not far from Cape Porpoise is Goose Rocks Beach.  It’s a gorgeous, smooth sandy (and secluded) beach with over 3 miles of natural, virtually untouched coastline.  You can hike down the beach or kayak over to local islands.  Goose Rocks Beach is also an ideal location to go treasure hunting; there are tons of seashells on the beach.  You never know what you mind find at sunrise with the incredible view and lots of sand dollars waiting to be found.  Before 8 am and after 6 pm, you can take your dog with you (on a leash) for an extra special stroll.

Wildlife Watching

Take off on an adventure that you won’t forget with First Chance Whale Watch.  You’ll cruise through the Gulf of Maine on a 85 foot boat, so that you can observe all the whales, dolphins and other marine life in the area. The photographer in your family, not to mention the kids, will love all the critters and ocean wildlife that the Maine coast has to offer.


And don’t forget to enjoy your cottage and relax! Here is one of the interiors, to give you a taste of what’s to come!

The Best Places to Play and Relax in Kennebunkport, Maine

Have you visited Maine in the summertime?  What is your favorite memory?

Check out more of what to do in our “Coastal Maine” episode of Season 3’s “Places to Love.”

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  1. Iwould like to travel to Cabot Cove in the Maine, because I was fond of Jessica Fletcher storys, so, how can I get the easier way to travel to Cabot Cove? I am from Portugal, and I have travelled twice to NYC, so, I think I must get another plane to Maine from NYC please help me to find the reasonable way to get there.

    1. The Cabot Cove used in Murder She Wrote is not in Maine. It is the town of Mendicino, California. Located several hours north of San Francisco. A lovely place to visit. You can stay at Hill House.

  2. Would be GREAT to see a wheelchair accessible cottage. Love spending our summers in New England to get out of the HEAT in Florida!!

  3. My husband and I drove to Maine in our van camper in July 2012 and enjoyed the coastal towns and Acadia National Park. My favorite memory is the two nights we spent on a schooner sailing Penobscot Bay. Samantha gave me the idea when I saw her do it. It was one of the best experiences of my life and highly recommended!

  4. Cottages at Cabot Cove is one of the most memorable places I have stayed. We spent 2 weeks driving from Boston to Bar Harbor but the 2 nights we spent here were the best. From the breakfast basket to the departure bag every detail was spot on! Can’t wait to return.

  5. I love Kennebunkport and Kennebunk. All kinds of back roads lobster shacks tons of sightseeing and don’t forget antiques. Would love to live there.????????????????????

  6. I went there two summers ago loved it went to see Tim Janis`s concert and visit, not long enough, will definitely be back Concert was “Beautiful “and the people that I met felt as if I had know forever “Awesome .”The concert was outside by the Gulf of Maine and the most” Beautiful” day .It was great but warmth of the people that touch my “Heart ‘

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The Best Places to Play and Relax in Kennebunkport, Maine
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