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My 5 must-have travel survival tools

A few simple items can take travel from brutal to manageable.

  • Your favorite headache medicine. Advil, Tylenol… whatever you depend on to help with aches and pains is almost as important as packing your driver’s license and phone!
  • Sunglasses. I sometimes even wear them inside or on the plane. Not because I am a diva (though I suppose that all depends on who you ask!), but because of bright sunshine or florescent lighting. This can stop that headache before it even happens!
  • Earplugs. From the copious announcements to the guy snoring in 13F, adding this simple buffer between you and the outside world makes a huge difference. Plus, they might help you sleep better in your hotel.
  • Comfy clothes. I’m talking pants that don’t wrinkle too much or dig into your waist. Maybe a few layers should the plane be extra cold (or extra hot if you get held on the tarmac for an extended period). Then there’s the slip-on shoes and a scarf blanket. Put them all together and you’re good to go.
  • Let’s not forget the most important items… food! I like to go with high protein foods like nuts, energy bars and fruit. Keeping on top of your hunger can be the difference in happiness or Crabbytown. Just don’t forget you put that banana in your bag. Been there, done that!

If you remember to bring these 5 things with you when you travel, you’ll arrive at your destination a little less stressed. Any who doesn’t want that?!

What items do you always travel with?

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