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The Chic & Practical Accessory I Always Travel With

The neck scarf is the accessory I always travel with.

One my first few trips to Europe, I noticed everyone– ladies, gentlemen, even dogs (!) wore a little somthin-somethin’ tied around their neck. It’s a great outfit completer piece, but neck scarves are so much more.

That’s why I call these beautiful pieces of fabric the Swiss Army knife of the travel space– they’re the most important accessory you can travel with! They keep you warm, block you from the mid-day sun, can cover your head or shoulders when you visit a place of worship, plus you can use them as a beach cover-up.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How about providing a buffer between you and a gross airplane or bus seat? Wiping ice cream off your kid’s face? Cleaning the screen of your phone or laptop? Covering your eyes during an afternoon nap? I light blanket on a long drive? Rolled up unto a ball for a make-shift pillow? Protecting your nostrils from the funk of that person of questionable hygiene sitting next to you?

I could go on and on.

What’s even better, is that while a scarf often takes a beating, they’re easy to wash in a hotel sink. Simply hang them to dry over night and voila! You’re ready to tackle the day. And if you wear yours on the plane, it takes up zero suitcase space. How great is that?!

Still not convinced?

Check out this travel hack video.

It’ll make you a scarf evangelist, just like me! Here’s one of my faves.

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  1. YES! So true! I have the kind in the bottom picture which works as a blanket on a cold flight. Also, remember sometimes the cathedrals won’t allow sleeveless women, or shorts, so it works as a shoulder cover or skirt. One of my essential packing items for sure. Cute video!

  2. I have neck issues and the doctor recommended a scarf each time I fly to keep air conditioning from the person behind me off my neck. Works great and no neck stiffness from the cold.

  3. I absolutely agree! it does complete an outfit, more importantly it makes a boring outfit look chic! In Paris one would feel naked without a scarf (or so i heard). I collect scarves, so i would make it a must to buy one from each country that i visit!

  4. Agree! And like Mrs Major Hoff, I often use them to cover my shoulders when I’m traveling in the summer and need to be respectful of the sleeveless ban. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding a cool site and realizing that you’re not dressed appropriately and can’t go in!

  5. Soooo true .. i also never leave without one of my 40 scarfs …major and preferable choice of my wardrobe ..

  6. Hi!! The scarf that you have the link to is absolutely gorgeous!! But… I am only 4’10” and that one looks pretty big. What size would you recommend for that “all important accessory” for a shortie like me??

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neck scarf - accessory I always travel with
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