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Rest, Renewal and Transformation

The twins are nearly a year old!  They are moving around and challenging me in new, exciting ways.  While I love being a working mom, I would definitely appreciate a few days off from all of this (heck I’ll even take a few hours) for some time to indulge in the luxury of strengthening my body and to find time to be with my own thoughts. That’s a luxury that I won’t have for a while, but I’m already planning out a couple of ways I might just treat myself when the time comes.

Here are a few things on my list:

Women’s Only Surf Camp in the Outer Banks

I’ve only surfed a few times and those experiences left me with two lessons.  The first lesson was how spiritually renewing it can be to simply sit on your board, feel the power of the ocean swell past you and reflect on the beauty of the world we live in.  The second lesson was that surfing is a complete workout that works every muscle group you have.  That’s why this five night, women only, surf camp in the Outer Banks in North Carolina appeals to me.  In addition to introducing women to the sport of surfing, there are also daily yoga sessions to help build even more physical strength and the chance to find some inner peace.  This camp is held at Shell Island Resort in Wrightsville Beach, so you can spend your free time exploring the town or, if you’re like me, gloriously unconscious on a lounge at the hotel pool.


Running Camp in the Rocky Mountains

I’ve been a runner for years and enjoy it so much because it both strengthens my body and clears my mind of the clutter.  I’m in need of both of those back in my life and am already looking forward to that first glorious spring run in the park.  That’s why Active at Altitudes running camp in Colorado would be a perfect opportunity to re-connect with my long-lost running legs under the guidance of professional running coaches while taking in some beautiful scenery in the Rocky Mountains.  The camp is six days long, but varies the types and intensity of the workouts to avoid overdoing it.  Active Altitudes is for women only and tailors lessons in nutrition, form and injury prevention to address our specific needs, so I can get back in the swing of being healthy without as much risk of injury.  That’s important because it won’t be long until these two are on their feet and moving around at warp speed.


Pampering, Peace and Quiet in Sedona

If I found myself less in the mood for lung busting exercise and more in need of pampering and quiet, blissful inner peace, I would look no further than Mii Amo Spa in Sedona.  I have been to this resort before and was just overwhelmed by both the resort and the majestic beauty of the high desert that surrounds it.  This is a place of physical and spiritual healing, and the staff, the services offered, even the architecture of the buildings all seem focused on making sure their guests leave in far better shape than when they arrived.  The spa’s Five Journey program lets the guests choose a series of treatments that will rejuvenate their mind and spirit. While I was a guest there, I indulged in a Watsu treatment (imagine being massaged while floating in a pool of warm water) that I believe may have been one of the most relaxing moments of my life.


Where do you head on retreat when you want some time for yourself?

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  1. A rather tardy “Best Wishes & Congratulations on the birth of the twins.”

    From an old Sammantha Elizabeth Brown fan!!

  2. Twins!!! You have been and ARE a busy person!!! Your twins are a blessing!!! A beautiful Mom and Family! Be nice to yourself, but also absorb every moment with them as it flies by! 🙂

  3. Hope to see you back out there. My husband and I enjoyed watching your travels. Congrats on the babies and wish the family happiness.


    Samantha “Sam” Hughes and hubby Larry Johnson

  4. Hi Samantha!!!
    I have been watching your shows on TLC channel and I must say that I enjoy watching the shows. Its fantastic how you put life into those and I envy how lucky you are that you get to travel such a lot and see so many exotic places all around the world. If you every were to come to India for any of your shows, it would give me great pleasure if I can meet you in person someday!!!

  5. Last year I went on a knitter’s retreat to Ireland and it was fabulous. We stayed in a 5-star luxury resort, ate amazing food, saw beautiful towns and attractions in Co. Cork, and spent evenings relaxing and knitting. I never felt so inspired and relaxed. My sister went with me, and even though she doesn’t knit at all, she loved the trip. Knitting was really just a common thread between us; it wasn’t the focus of the retreat. Would do it again in a heartbeat, and this year they’re going to Co. Kerry and opening it up to women interested in any fiber arts!

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