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Urban Fun in the Summertime

It goes against conventional reasoning, but cities can be a lot of fun in the summer!

Cities often tend to be less hectic over the summer especially on the weekends as the wealthier inhabitants head to their beach shares and road warriors finally get to sleep in their own bed. It’s not only easier during this time to get a cheaper hotel room and snag a reservation at a hot dining spot but you will also deeply benefit from all the free events that pop up paid for by their taxpayers. Thanks guys! There are festivals and fairs, plays by Shakespeare and out-door concerts featuring every type of music from Jazz to rockabilly. Free Arts are in full force during the summer months and any city worth its salt is full of them.

Sam’s Tips:

  • Chicago has fireworks off the pier every Wednesday and Saturday beginning Memorial Day.  More Info
  • San Francisco has Jewels in the Square, live concerts featuring music, circus arts and dancing. You can Salsa, Tango and Swing held every Wednesday and Sunday at Union Square.  More Info
  • To find the best deals on cities look at convention cities like Chicago, Orlando and Las Vegas. They have 10’s of thousands of rooms to fill and if there isn’t a major convention in town,  you may be able to finagle a better price.


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