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The Best Hotel for Music Lovers

The Hard Rock: The Best Hotel for Music Lovers

You’re certainly familiar with the brand, but very few people know that the Hard Rock Hotels offer some of the most unbelievable amenities for the music lover… and I’m not just talking about a bottle of water and a warm cookie.

Want to make your sweetie swoon?

Best Hotel For Music Lovers

Ask for a Fender guitar to be delivered to your room, free of charge, as a part of their Sound of Your Stay program. Choose from 20 guitars, from Stratocasters to Telecasters and even bass. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite. They’ll also provide an amp and headphones (wouldn’t want to bug the neighbors). If you’re a novice, just turn on the Hotel’s in-house TV channels for guitar lessons.

Not exactly the next Jimmy Hendrix?

That’s okay. You can be your own DJ. The hotel also provides a Traktor Kontrol Z1 (sound mixer) that taps into your room’s surround sound system. Video lessons and an iPad make it easy to experience the next wave of audio-mix technology. Again, totally complimentary.  Hey Mr. DJ!

Best Hotel For Music Lovers

Want to be an insta-rock star?

Even if you know next to nothing about music, you can fast-track to rockstar status with Music Lab. Available at Hard Rock’s Riviera Maya and Cancun locations as a part of their all-inclusive package, Music Lab is a three-hour Jam Band or Spin class, where participants get a crash course in either a real band performance or EDM (that would be electric dance music). Your lesson starts at 4pm. By 7pm that evening, you’re performing in front of a live audience. Really!

Sleep Like a Rock

Wan to go all out? Check-in to your own rock star suite. This isn’t your average penthouse– it’s a space designed with a musician’s lifestyle in mind– inviting common areas, stocked bar, and black-out curtains so you can sleep ’til noon. These suites certainly have the rock star stamp of approval: their Riviera Maya location houses the first celebrity branded one, designed by Bret Michaels himself.

Best Hotel for Music Lovers

Extra Goodies

And of course, no Hard Rock Hotel would be complete without common areas stuffed with cool music memorabilia, live music on-site (the Hard Rock puts on more than 30,000 live music events each year globally!), and an excellent spa if you end up partying a little too much like a rock star.

Best Hotel For Music Lovers

With tons of locations to choose from (Chicago, Palm Springs, San Diego– just to name a few! Plus locales opening soon in Cabo, Dubai, Canary Islands, Berlin and Atlanta), you can channel your inner Jagger just about anywhere.

But try not to trash the hotel room, okay?

Have you stayed at one of these properties? Thoughts? What other hotels have excellent amenities? Share in the comments!


photos courtesy Hard Rock

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  1. Chicago Hard Rock Hotel was awesome. Each floor celebrated a different rock band or musician. I stayed on “The Who” floor.

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Best Hotel For Music Lovers
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