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10 Instagram accounts that will inspire wanderlust

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Just one of the many reasons I look to Instagram to inspire my next vacation. From professional travel photographers that inspire aspirational wanderlust to bloggers who make easy weekend trips feel otherworldly, scrolling through my feed satiates my sense of adventure (and sometimes makes me just plain jealous!).

Here are 10 travel-related Instagram accounts you should be following.


I know, I know. Shameless self-promotion! But I’m thrilled to announce that I’m filming my next series starting this spring. We’re shooting all over the US and Asia, and I can’t wait to give you all a real-time look behind the scenes. I’ll be posting on Instagram as we film the 13-episode series. More details on the show to come!



Dame Traveler @reneeroaming ???????? #dametravelericeland #dametraveler

A post shared by Travel Blog #dametraveler (@dametraveler) on

Quite possibly my favorite Instagram account. Traveler Nastasia Wong founded Dame Traveler, a travel blog dedicated to women’s travel. Her account features women of all types exploring the globe.


I know that sometimes I can be a bit shellfish ???????? #Paris

A post shared by D E A N A S A U K A M (@faimfatale) on

With a background in communications and passion for food and travel, following Deana Saukam might leave you both envious and hungry. She claims to split her time between Austin, Texas and Paris, France, but I swear she’s always in some far-flung destination, eating incredible food. A must for any person who travels to eat!


If you love the outdoors, following the U.S. Department of the Interior is a must. Incredible shots of National Parks and Monuments, public lands and wildlife.


Okay, so National Geographic has always been known for their amazing photography. With 74.3 million followers and counting, it’s likely you’re already seeing their pics in your feed. However, my suggestion is to look at the photo credits from images you like, and follow the Nat Geo photographers. Many specialize in particular kinds of photography—for example, @paulnicklen does sea life images and @gabrielegalimbertiphoto’s style is more of a photojournalist.


Once you have kids, you can’t travel anymore, right? Not if you’re Caz and Craig Makepeace. These self-proclaimed travel addicts may hail from the central coast of Australia, but like to call the world home. They’ve lived in five countries and traveled to 52. These days, they’re bringing their two young daughters on their global adventures and make it look so fun and easy!


Bruges, Belgium with #rickstevestours (link in bio). ????: Guidebook researcher Gretchen Strauch

A post shared by Rick Steves Europe (@ricksteveseurope) on

Who doesn’t love Rick Steves? He serves as a constant reminder why we shouldn’t miss out on the classics. In our FOMO culture (where we spend three hours in line for a cronut), it really is still a place’s history and culture that offers great lessons for us humans. Follow for great photos and links to helpful insight to all things Europe.


Camping in the Pacific Northwest #Washington Photo by @gustavoaquiros #wildernessculture

A post shared by Wilderness Culture (@wilderness_culture) on

I love camping, but even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, Wilderness Culture may have you reconsidering!


Throwing back to Sicily, because it won’t stop raining in Sydney ????

A post shared by Rajveer Johal (@rajveerjohal) on

Think of following this account as a dose of vitamin D for your eyeballs. Based in Sydney, Australia, Rajveer specializes in incredible landscape photography. And if you want to take any of the images from your phone to your wall, you can buy them on her website.


This temple is just a few shakes from the Home Alone house. #twobirds #themidwestival (via me, @anniedsouz)

A post shared by The Midwestival (@themidwestival) on

When you think wanderlust, the Midwest may not come to mind. Follow The Midwestival and change your mind. Anne D’Souza’s feed highlights the best of the Midwest, showcasing great food/drinks/hotels/adventures. You’ll be booking that flight to Milwaukee… or Traverse City… or Duluth in no time!

What are your favorite travel-related Instagram accounts? Share in the comments!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, here are 10 travel-related Instagram accounts you should be following.

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  1. @girlinflorence is one of my favorite blogs. It helped me plan our vacation in Florence and I still really enjoy reading it. She travels to other parts of Italy and other countries, too.

  2. I don’t mind @southiejack. Puts up some cool pics every once in awhile. Some with Samantha Brown, for instance.. ????

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