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6 Simple & Universal Truths About Traveling

It’s my belief that a drive for traveling resides in everyone.

There are certain things about being human that unite all of us. One of the most important traits we have is the drive and ability to travel. This common thread runs through our blood and history, leading us to lives that are rich with joy, experiences and adventures. Without travel, we would just stay home…and you already know how boring that is!

Here are 6 simple truths about travel:

Trust the Locals

When you leave your trusted environment and journey out to see the world, you become vulnerable.  This discomfort of travel is one of the things that make it so amazing! You feel a bit scared and energized all at the same time.  This is why you must find and make friends with the locals.  Their friendship and care of you will make you feel special and at-home.  Trust them to show you the best and keep you away from the worst.


Don’t Overdo It

I know you have folders packed with information and twelve must-see places to visit per day.  Don’t deny it.  You are type “A” and why should you be any different when you travel?  Can’t leave anything unseen, right.  Here’s the thing, you need to slow down and enjoy the moment wherever you are.  Don’t give into the self-imposed pressure to see it all.  Relax and enjoy all the little moments and unexpected discoveries along your journey.


Take the Road Less Traveled

This is always my number one.  You must be adventurous when you travel.  Do not do the thing that everyone does, be different and spontaneous.  It could be something simple like going at dusk when every else seems to go in the morning.  Ask the locals for their favorite places and visit several that you don’t find in any guidebook.


Let Your Goals Guide You

Travel is very goal oriented.  You travel because there is a place you want to see or something you want to do.  The endgame is to roll around in whatever makes you happy. So, let those goals gently guide your journey.  You don’t want to be too rigid in your daily schedule, but you don’t want to get too far away from what you traveled to do. A happy traveler is one who is doing what they love and not checking the time!


Eat What’s Good

Travel and food go together like pages in a book.  Your job is to enjoy good food with good friends and make a few new ones along the way.  Eat at least somewhat healthy because you need fuel for the engine to keep running all day.  Be sure to splurge and eat whatever sweet thing might be considered the local treat.  Make every day’s meals a new experience finding and tasting your way through wherever you are traveling.


Embrace the Chaos

From the moment you leave home, chaos is chasing you.  You’re late for your flight or you can’t find a ride because you arrived later than planned.  When traveling, you always have moments where you feel like you’re in a National Lampoon movie.  A long time ago, I learned to just go with it.  Getting mad and complaining does absolutely no good at all. If something crazy happens I use it to have an even better time.  Miss your flight home; spend an extra day at the beach.  You get the idea!


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  1. I feel like embracing the chaos is definitely number 1!! It seems like there’s always some sort of “adventure” on each of my vacations. I’ve always found just rolling with it to be the best way to get through, and it always makes for a fun story!

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