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6 Hilarious SkyMall Products

We’re all guilty of eye-balling the SkyMall magazine tucked neatly in the seat pocket in front of us.  It’s calling to us to pick it up and start browsing away during safety checks and pre-flight instructions.  I admit that half the time I am so entertained, I tuck the catalog into my bag and take it with me.  I might just start ordering things I really need like the Faux Tattoo Ladies Tee or PajamaJeans, both of which I look forward to wearing on my next flight.

I’ve been working hard to compile a list of the craziest stuff I’ve seen recently in SkyMall and share it with all of you.  Maybe you’ll pick up one of these as an anti-Valentine’s Day gift.  It will be something they’ll never forget.

Roswell, the Alien Sculpture

You already knew this would get weird.  And thanks to Roswell, the Alien Sculpture, it’s getting weird really quick.  If you find yourself with an extra hundred bucks lying around and you want to get in with “in” crowd, then buy yourself a crash-landed alien for your garden.  This is a SkyMall exclusive folks so you can’t get this weirdness anywhere else.  Go where few have ever gone before and get yourself nearly two-feet of hand-painted UFO bliss.  He sure is a handsome fella!  (Honorable Mention to the Skel-E-Gnome Garden Sculptures and the Super Wiener Garden Sculpture)


Biffy Butler Bidet Sprayer, Toilet Paper Holder and iPad Stand

This one made me laugh out loud!  Flying home from Italy might be a good time to convince me my bathroom needs a bidet sprayer, but this one is so multi-faceted it’s hilarious.  The Biffy Butler Bidet Sprayer is the one bathroom accessory that you can’t live without.  Or so you might think from the photos.  It is easily movable and installs in minutes, however, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how your iPad could easily wind-up face down on the Genius Bar at the local Apple Store.


Personalized Cell Fone Flask

I hesitate to put this on the list, but it’s just so cheesy and funny.  The Personalized Cell Fone Flask looks like the real McCoy and can fit into any purse or pocket.  You can personalize this silver little beauty for yourself or loved one and it even comes with a leather carrying case.  You can’t dial out but you can dial up some of your favorite liquid entertainment.  Just don’t be that guy/gal that causes the plane to execute an emergency landing in unexpected places because there was a boozed-up passenger aboard.  No one wants to see you on CNN.



Yeti Tree Hugger

When you look through SkyMall, you start to scratch your head about all the yeti and big foot products you see.  People must really like scaring their neighbors’ kids with these things.  The Yeti Tree Hugger is so creepy that it’s just plain funny.  Made to hang on a tree and so realistic it could scare the daylights out of any unsuspecting passerby, you know your neighborhood will never be the same.


Porch Potty

One of the best things about SkyMall is that sometimes you see a product that you never knew you needed or existed.  That is definitely the case with the porch potty.  Too lazy to walk your dog on a Saturday morning?  Then the Porch Potty is for you.  Leave it on your porch or patio and it provides you with a clean grass area that includes synthetic grass, a scented fire hydrant and outdoor self-drainage.   The premium version has an automated rinse and drain system which includes its own sprinkler system and optional water timer to keep the area fresh and clean.   I can’t see the best water and drainage system helping in all potty situations and think that any little boy in the house could not resist peeing on the cute little fire hydrant.

porch potty

Portable Infrared Sauna

For when a heating pad just won’t do the trick, you can take along your Portable Infrared Sauna.   Complete with folding chair, you can enjoy a sauna anytime you please with this handy roll-up version.  Two powerful 600-watt heaters provide penetrating heat in just one minute.  I recommend not mixing this with any sort of adult entertainment or beverages.  You would have a hard time explaining getting stuck in this contraption.


Have you seen something in SkyMall that makes you chuckle, please share in the comments.

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  1. Samantha, just had to look up the Biffy Bidet–who dreams this stuff up? And to make matters even worse–Butler is actually spelled with 2 T’s = Buttler. OMG!

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