My incredible visit to Iceland’s Strokkur Geyser

Iceland is so hot right now.

Of course, not literally. This northern country experiences an average summer temperature of only 57 degrees. Surprisingly, the winter temps average at about 32– not bad considering its latitude. But if you pay any attention to travel trends, you know Iceland is white-hot as far as destinations go.

There are lots of reasons why travelers love Iceland. First, the Blue Lagoon. I’m sure you’ve seen images of people bathing in this famous geothermal hot spring. Surrounded by black volcanic rock and bellowing with steam, the view is other-wordly. I really can’t think of a better word to describe this incredible place.

You’ll also find amazing food (I love skyr, Iceland’s traditional yogurt), beautiful waterfalls, and those absolutely adorable Icelantic horses. If you visit in the summer, you’ll see the midnight sun. In the winter, lucky folks will catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

On my trip here, I had the great pleasure of visiting Iceland’s Strokkur Geyser. The country is home to many active geysers– just look for plumes of smoke coming from the ground. Strokkur is the most active, erupting every three-to-seven minutes. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Have you been to Iceland? Did it deliver on all your expectations?

If you pay attention to travel trends, you know Iceland is white-hot. On my trip, I visited Iceland's Strokkur Geyser-- an absolute must-do!

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