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Why I Adore the Jersey Shore

I adore the Jersey Shore, and for lots of reasons.

I get this question a lot: “In all your travels what destination surprised you the most?”

People never expect to hear what comes out of my mouth: The Jersey Shore.

For Great Weekends, we shot an episode there where we featured things to do from Atlantic City to Ocean City, Wildwood to Asbury Park. But what I took away from that trip was far more than just a fun weekend itinerary but a deeply entrenched way of life that is pure Americana.

First of all, I never met a group of people who showed both an independent toughness and heartfelt commitment to community more than the people of the Jersey Shore. Especially Asbury Park, which in 2009 was finally succeeding in a long effort to restore the town to its former self as a popular seaside destination. The people (wise-guy accent aside) were nothing like the screaming, tanned, big haired characters of reality television. There was an unexpected kindness and warmth along with humor and hospitality, even though these particular New Jersey-ites, by their physical appearance, all looked like they could break my fingers.

With Hurricane Sandy, I felt the heartbreak of people who lost everything, including the place where generations of their family memories were created as they, their children, parents and grandparents all spent their summers doing the exact same thing. Spending endless days at the beach and enjoying miles of boardwalks with connecting piers that reach out to the sea in an exclamation point of amusement park rides.

More than just a two-week vacation spot, the Jersey Shore was woven into the most defining moments of a family’s life.  It’s that first summer they were tall enough to ride the roller coaster, the place 16-year olds with a new license immediately drove to and where kids got their first job scooping ice cream and making waffle cones.

What you realize as an outsider there for the first time is that it isn’t just a summer destination but an identity. And although it’s a dreamy destination of a different sort seeing that a large swath of it has been destroyed it is nonetheless the place my mind keeps going to…the Jersey Shore.

Been to the Jersey Shore? Share your memories in the comments below.

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  1. My parents owned a place on Long Beach Island- I spent my summers there. It is heart-breaking to see the damage. But Sandy can never erase my childhood memories.

  2. I could not agree more, Samantha! The Jersey Shore is tough, unique, and has a cultural all of its own!

    The shore has become a home, a second home,and a home away from home for millions and the memories occupy a special place in all of our hearts. While structures come and go, tides change, and summer friends move away, reminiscing of seasons past keep the shore a vibrant place with its own cultural mythology.

    I invite you guys to check out where I’m working to collect stories and memories of the Jersey Shore to create a sort of digital “museum” to the heritage of the shore.

    I’d be honored if you took a moment to check out the site and share YOUR Jersey Shore stories!

  3. As a teenager I worked on the Seaside Heights boardwalk making Cotton Candy. What a fantastic experience it was. How sad it was to see the destruction brought on by the Hurricane this year. But the people of NJ have shown their resilience before and the Jersey shore will come back, better than ever.

  4. I grew up in N.J and spent many summers on LBI. Relocated to Florida 35 years ago and we definitely have beautiful beaches on the west coast, but there is something very special about LBI and visiting it 6 years ago brought back many memories!

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