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Perfection Awaits in Puerto Rico

Looking for an easy island escape? Try Puerto Rico.

A lot of families like to hit the beach over the holiday season, escaping the cold weather and typical holiday routine. If you are looking to head south for a tropical holiday this season, then you should consider Puerto Rico.  The island has something to please every type of traveler: waterfalls, historic sites, deep caves, star gazing, amazing beaches, water sports and wildlife.

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Here are the top things to do while you’re in Puerto Rico:

The Beach at Culebra

Culebra is one of the best beaches in the world!  Located about 17 miles east of Puerto Rico, it’s perfect for a day of relaxation and outdoor fun.  There is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the perfect blue water and untouched, rustic beauty of the island. Bring your camera, lunch and a good book.

Historic San Juan

Make sure you save a day or two for exploring the San Juan National Historic Site and Old San Juan.   The San Juan National Historic site is a don’t miss destination if you like dungeons, towers and tunnels.  Located on the coast and rising 140 feet high above the water on a rocky perch, it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Puerto Rico.  The Spanish fort is home to the twin fortresses, Castillo El Morro and Castillo San Crisobal.  Park rangers guide you through incredibly detailed tours of all the tunnels, barracks and cannon batteries.  Plan your day so you can enjoy Old San Juan, where the lovely architecture and tiny shops offer a charming experience to explore on foot.


Arecibo Observatory

If you or your kids love science and a good adventure, then put this on your itinerary.  The Observatory is a great learning destination and the telescope itself is pretty amazing.  The journey to get there is part of the adventure.  You’ll drive through the mountains so leave plenty of time and follow the signs. When you arrive there is a steep hike to the visitor center, so don’t wear your beach flip-flops and bring plenty of water.


El Yunque National Forest

If you’re in the mood for some outdoor pursuits, head over to El Yunque for a hike through tropical ferns, palm trees and hidden waterfalls. Puerto Rico’s forest is a favorite destination for trail lovers, wildlife seekers and those looking to cool off in a waterfall. The forest covers about 28,000 acres and is maintained by the US Forest Service, so you’ll find the trails in good condition and several picnic facilities along the way.


Have you visited Puerto Rico? Name you top 3 in the comments!

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  1. Went there October 2012 and enjoyed it immensely. Hit the major spots – the old San Juan district, El Yunque, and the Arecibo observatory. Just be sure you have good driving instructions to get to the observatory, and also ask your rental car company to explain how the toll booths work for the expressways there.

  2. Please include the Bio Bay tour in Vieques. Wonderful island 6 mi from PR, snorkeling in La Parguera, mini boats in Fajardo, the yummy food in both Cayey and at the kiosks in Luquillo near El Yunque, beaches of Rincon, the old fire station in Ponce, Cabo Rojo’s gorgeous sunsets, the sweet satos. You left so much off your list! I could write a book about this beautiful island.

  3. Top 3 from our trip to PR.

    1. Jumping in the funeral march in Old San Juan across from our hotel. (El Convento, a restored convent) An amazing parade that included singers, a marching band, and cannon blasts….

    2. New found awareness of mofongo, served with garlic shrimp. Yum

    3. Spectacular cove beaches only accessible from Jeep trails on the island of Vieques. After this we were hooked, and knew we would be back.

    And all on a short, domestic flight from the east coast….

  4. Puerto Rico is a very beautiful place! I have family that lives in the island and every time i get to visit them i also visit all of the beautiful historic sites. The culture is divine and so is the weather!!!

  5. I’ve been to Puerto Rico 7 times. We always stay in Rincon so my husband can surf. Great snorkeling, scuba diving as well when the ocean is calm.
    I loved Camuy Caves as well. We love Puerto Rico and are planning another trip for May of 2014.

  6. Next time don’t miss La Parguera in Guanica, a little town in the south west of the island and Ponce in the south.I love Puerto Rico and its people.

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Looking For An Easy Island Escape? Try Puerto Rico. A Lot Of Families Like To Hit The Beach Over The Holiday Season, Escaping The Cold Weather And Typical Holiday Routine. If You Are Looking To Head South For A Tropical Holiday This Season, Then You Should Consider Puerto Rico. The Island Has Something To Please Every Type Of Traveler: Waterfalls, Historic Sites, Deep Caves, Star Gazing, Amazing Beaches, Water Sports And Wildlife.
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