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Breathtaking Belize

As it turns cold and I’m starting to think about wintertime, I am dreaming of a few warm, tropical getaways.  While I love to ski and snowshoe, I always enjoy a tropical paradise where I can hike through the rainforest, explore wildlife and then hit the coast for a little food and relaxation.

Today, I’m thinking about Belize.  It’s very close, only a two hour flight from Miami and a 4-5 hour flight from New York.  It’s one of the few English speaking countries in the region.  Belize offers you enough activities to stay busy, yet you can relax and sip a margarita on the beach with the gorgeous backdrop of turquoise waters and palm trees.

When the snow and ice set in and you’re decide to escape to Belize, here are a few things to fit into your schedule:

Explore Mayan Ruins

The beauty of Belize is written in stone.  You can head back in time, choosing from several different sites that are filled with pyramids, temples and tombs.  Take a tour of the ancient city of Xunantunich, near San Ignacio.  The pyramid there, El Castillo, is 130 feet high and gives you an incredible view from above.  If you’d like a second day of exploring, try Caracol.  It is the largest Mayan site in Belize where the main pyramid, Caana (Sky Palace) is over 136 ft. making it the tallest man made structure in the country.


Snorkeling and Diving on Ambergris Caye

One of the main attractions of Ambergris Caye is its stunning coral reef, clear turquoise waters, and crystal-clear visibility. It boasts one of the longest coral reefs anywhere in the Western Hemisphere and second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  So if you love to snorkel and explore, Ambergris Caye is definitely for you.  A short 10-20 minute boat ride will land you in the middle of the action where you’re likely to see rays, octopus, turtles, eels and lots of other colorful marine life.  Take a dive camera to capture you wonderful journey and all the amazing creatures.  It might just be the highlight of your trip.



When you’re ready to relax, there is no better place than the beaches of Placencia.  It’s a great spot to read a book, listen to music, and soak in the tropical splendor while sipping your drink of choice.  Need to fit in your session at the spa?  Placencia’s resorts offer several options and a variety of services.  If you get tired or relaxing, you can rent a kayak, go fishing or head out on sailing excursion.  The clear water and calm seas offer some of the best conditions to enjoy water sports.

Placencia Beach

Have you traveled to Belize? What was your favorite activity?

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  1. You and the kids would LOVE Sea’s d Day – a day on a houseboat off of Ambergris Caye. Beautiful calm waters, kayaks, paddleboards and innertubes, fishing, and – the piece d’resistance – a slide off the boat! So fun. (Shameless self promotion: read about it on 😉 It’s a family-run business, SEAduced by Belize. Great people. Next time you’re in Belize, check it out. It’s…unBELIZEable. (Sorry, had to do it!)

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