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Samantha hops aboard the hilarious NashTrash Tour

Looking for an insider’s guide to Nashville? Meet the Jugg sisters.

These two comedians hosted their first NashTrash tour in 1997. Today, they and their Big Pink Bus, are institutions. Think of it as a comedy show on wheels.

Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay Jugg dish the old stories on your favorite polyester, big-haired, double-knit, sequined country music legends. You’ll ride past storied institutions like the Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and legendary Music Row.

The tour lasts just under two hours (depending on traffic), and travels through downtown Nashville. There’s lots of audience participation and improv comedy. It’s a rowdy, very risqué, one-of-a-kind musical-comedy extravaganza– all things I admittedly love, but I know isn’t for everyone.

Have you been on the NashTrash Tour? What did think?

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  1. Loved loved the Nash Trash tour. Laughed so hard my sides hurt. I recommend this tour to anyone who visits Nashville.

  2. Definitely not my idea of fun. Found if offensive and indecent, which is nothing to laugh at… and people wonder why our society is as it is – morally decayed.

  3. We loved it. Adults permitted only, and they don’t hide that it’s going to be risque. We laughed until it hurt. It’s not for those who are easily offended by adult language.

  4. We had the BEST time on this tour!!! It is a must do while in Nashville. My face hurt by the end of the tour and I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time!

  5. I have been on the tour also a few times and laugh every time I think of them. I’m T-shirt ready now for the next trip. Don’t pass this one up! It will brighten your day!

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