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5 Amazing Things to Do in Ireland

So many fun things to do in Ireland.

Where to even begin?

Storytelling, falconry, harvesting oysters, step-dancing and staring off the edge of a cliff at Dun Aengus on Inis Mor… Today I’m dreaming of Ireland and my memories of the wonderful times I’ve had on the Emerald Isle.

You can go to Ireland for many reasons, but the locals, food and customs will always be the experience you remember. Given my choice, I love a glass of cheek-numbing whisky and the landscapes of the western coast. Relax and enjoy the ride as you drive around for hours exploring amazing towns with names like Doolin, Dingle and Ballybunion; stopping on occasion for a mug of dark beer and oysters prepared the Irish way– with house baked brown bread and creamy butter.

My alter ego, the princess, prefers the amazing ancient castles.  Many princes have married their brides in the castles of Ireland. While some have been transformed into 5-star hotels, many are just fun to explore with names like Blarney, Bunratty, Cahir and Ashford.

Here are my top 5 things to do in Ireland:

Pssst… Planning a trip to Ireland?

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Here are a few of my must-see destinations on the Emerald Isle. From the Old Library and Book of Kells at Trinity College to the Ring of Kerry, St. Patrick’s Cathedrals and the Guinness Storehouse, these are the places you simply cannot skip.

Looking for an incredible Irish place to spend a night or two?


Check out this stunning lighthouse-turned-hotel. I could get used to waking up to that view.

Can’t make it to Ireland this St. Paddy’s Day?

No worries, we’ve got some pretty great celebrations here in the states.

Been to Ireland? Tell us about your favorite memories!

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5 Amazing things to do in Ireland

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  1. The wonderful people of the Isle is the best reason to visit. And you can’t beat, Irish potato cakes at the Laurels in Killarney, strolling Killarney National Park, a leisurely drive about the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Penninsula (Dick Mack’s shoe store and pub!). We loved seeing how the Irish chieftans lived at the castles of Cahir, Blarney and Bunratty – and staying a few nights at Ashford Castle (visit their school of falconry) can be beat. We shivered as we watched the crazy locals play kayak polo in the canals in Galway with the temps hovering at 40F. You can’t miss Gilmanhaim Gaol in Dublin with it’s sad history of brave patriots. Finally, I swear I felt the spirits of the ancient Celts at New Grange – probably my favorite experience of all.

  2. Ireland in my heart! Wonderful people, gorgeous countryside. Loved everything about Dingle and the peninsula. Ferry ride to Blasket Islands a must. The falconry school a must. I met an Owl there named Dingle and caught a falcon on my wrist. wow. Courthouse Pub with bartender Declan Sayer, Dingle Gin, music in the St Johns Church. The whole country sings. Love it!!

  3. The kindness of the people of Ireland and how they would go out of their way to help you. I enjoyed seeing the Dublin Castle, Blarney Castle , Bunratty Castle, but my favorite castle was Kilkenny Castle it reminded of something you would see out of fairy tale. I enjoyed walking the streets of Galway ,and going into a pub and listening to Irish music. Visiting my daughter who was attending Cork University for a semester. My favorite site was Newgrange a tomb, which is 5,000 years old and during the winter solstice the suns shines through a lock box and light’s the entire tomb.

  4. LOVE the Last one…BEING IN IRELAND….Just the Smell of Fresh Air,==the Sea..the Wonderful People, the RAIN..Yes !!..cos we in LA have NO RAIN ! And….of course…ALL That GREEN !!

  5. I really hope you get to go to Ireland Samantha Brown. i would love to there too someday. hopefully you will go and you will film it and tell us about it in a special. 🙂

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5 amazing things to do in Ireland
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