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A behind the scenes look at San Francisco’s Boudin Bakery

Boudin Bakery’s secret ingredient? Mommy issues.

On a trip to San Francisco, I had the great pleasure of visiting Boudin Bakery. This legendary spot is especially well-known for their sourdough breads. And trust me, a lot more goes into a loaf then I ever imagined… for example, a mother dough that dates back to 1849. That means they save some of the dough from every batch and incorporate it into the next. Theoretically, cultures from that first batch made in 1849 that live on in today’s loaves. Crazy, right?

To be honest, the sourdough smells a little like it was made in 1849. I guess that’s why they call it sourdough. Once scoured and baked, it’s not only beautiful but absolutely delicious (and a great reason to eat carbs!).

What’s your favorite bakery from your travels? Share in the comments!

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Boudin Bakery - San Francisco
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