Samantha’s best tips for exploring Paris, France

Raise your hand if you’ve daydreamed about strolling the streets of Paris!

You’d window shop, then relax at a cafe sipping coffee and savoring pastry. You’d dress stylishly, having finally found the perfect pair of shoes that can withstand a full day of walking, but still garner oohs and aahs. Locals ask you questions in French, mistaking you for a local.

Hahaha, if only.

The thing about Paris, or any destination, really, is that there’s the romanticized version in your head… and then the real version. People actually live in Paris, and with that comes pedestrians trying to get to work on time, traffic and lots of regular ol’ businesses, like supermarkets with — gasp– frozen food.

The trick is to not get too attached of your picture-perfect vacation. Instead, see a place for what it is. Once you get over the initial shock of the fact that Champs-Élysées has many of the same stores as your local mall, you’ll start seeing magical architecture, landscaping and boulevards.

Check out the video for more tips for visiting the City of Lights, including my criteria for always selecting the perfect bottle of French wine.

What’s your best tip for visiting Paris? Share in the comments!

Samantha's best tips for exploring Paris, France.

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