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My awkward moment in the Swiss Alps

Are you a mountains or water person? At this Swiss restaurant, you don’t need to pick!

Chef Reto Mathis gets to call this sunny plateau above St. Moritz his office. Lucky! Located in the middle of the popular Salastrains ski area, I’m unsure I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant with a better view.

On my visit, I joined Mathis for a very fancy lunch in what he calls the Mathis Corviglia Yacht Club. I know what you’re thinking. A yacht club? In the Swiss Alps? Yep, and it’s incredible. The only thing that may have overshadowed our meal is my awkward interpretation of a question he asked me. Oops!

Have you ever had a travel experience that was a little lost in translation? Share in the comments!

Photo: Mathis Food Affairs.

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St. Mortiz, Switzerland - Swiss Alps
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