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7 Great Things To Do in Stockholm, Sweden

Looking for a fun European vacation? Try Stockholm.

You can easily get around this beautiful seaside city by foot, tram or metro. Whether it’s a day excursion on a Baltic cruise or a full week to explore, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy the Venice of Scandinavia. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Stockholm.

Walk the old town, Gamla stan

7 Things To Do in Stockholm, Sweden

This might be where the big crowds from the cruise ships go (and every other tourist). But there’s a good reason for that… It’s beautiful! Besides a few tacky t-shirt shops, you can find everything from art and antiques, great restaurants, locally made goods and even a beautiful 120 year old fishing gear shop! Most people visit during the day, but try to come back in the evening. I couldn’t believe how similar it was to Venice after the crowds were gone, with winding streets and cobblestones echoing your footsteps.

Have a Drink!

7 Things To Do in Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting Sweden for the first time? Indulge in this rite of passage: a shot of aquavit. Got it down? Good news! You never have to do that again!!! For a true aquavit experience, check out the “Viking bar,” Aifur. Touristy, but fun.

Also in Gamla stan (but a world’s away in experience) is Pharmarium (easy to find directly across the square from the Nobel museum). Sample drinks with house-made ingredients, as well as flavored with various wood smoke. In the center of town, the nautical themed  Sturehof, is nice for an afternoon drink sipped while watching the world go by.

What to Eat?

7 Things To Do in Stockholm, Sweden

I was pleased to hear that even my Swedish friends liked the Swedish meatballs at Ikea. I cannot leave any Ikea, even in New Jersey, without eating a few. Try a more authentic option at Fem Sma Hus. If you’re interested in checking out modern twists on Scandinavian cuisine, try Marten Trotzig. Some standout dishes: Reindeer, skagen toast (fantastic shrimp salad on toast), and SOS (herring, pictured).

Where to Stay?

7 Things To Do in Stockholm, Sweden

I recommend the brand new Haymarket by Scandic hotel. It’s right in the middle of downtown in a building that used to be a department store. The formerly rundown building has been fantastically restored, thanks to the designers of Scandic. You’ll be blown away by its art deco vibe. If you don’t stay there, the bar downstairs is very nice as well.

Get on the Water!

Stockholm is really part of an archipelago consisting of 30,000 islands. There are many options to get out on the water, with an opportunity to explore some of the area’s more beautiful islands.

Abba Museum

Abba Museum, Stockholm

Abba is to Sweden is what Fleetwood Mac, Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley are to America, all rolled into one (with maybe tighter white jumpsuits). This interactive museum is really fun. You get to sing in the studio, learn their dance moves and then jump on stage to perform with Abba themselves! Of course, you can just spectate, which is just as much fun.

Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum, Stockholm

This world famous museum pays tribute to some rather horrible shipbuilding. The Vasa was one of the largest ships in the world when it was floated out on its maiden voyage from Stockholm harbor in 1628. It got about ¾’s of a mile when it rolled over and sank. Amazingly, it sat at the bottom of the harbor until 1961 when it was pulled up via cables. You’re be able to walk around and look at a huge ship in amazing condition. Truly one of the most amazing museums of the world!

Have you been to Stockholm? What are some of your favorite spots? Share in the comments!

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Looking for a fun European vacation? Try Stockholm. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Stockholm.

photos by Alana Gordon (CC); Hugh Llewelyn (CC)

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  1. My husband and I had a terrific time at the Vasa Museum! We were even lucky enough to be there during the wedding of Princess Madeline. The Swedes were are proud of their royal family and the princess and her new husband rode along the river so that everyone could see them. I was most impressed by the lack of hustling and pushing of the crowds; everyone waited patiently and were friendly and even tempered, even though we were packed in. No one refused to move for another and everyone got to see a glimpse of the festivities. Go to Stockholm ~ you’ll love it!

  2. We loved touring City Hall! Who would ever think a political building would be an interesting, and popular, tour? The building has an interesting history, and is beautiful, with several amazingly lovely rooms included on the tour. The Golden Hall is decorated with a great amount of small gold tiles formed into amazing mosaics, and is breathtaking. You also can stroll around the large hall and balcony where the Nobel Banquet is held annually, learning how servers time everything so precisely to feed 1,300 guests at one time. City Hall is a political building, and you are allowed entrance into the chambers where the politicians discuss important matters. If you look up, the ceiling appears to be a ship. Very impressive! It’s location on the river affords a great view of the city, and the courtyard and fountain are adorned with colorful flowers and trees.

  3. Going to Stockholm in October! this will be my first time in Europe!

    Tips anyone? As far as boat tours, should I be booking ahead of time? Packing tips?


  4. Following the Millennium map to see the places from the series, the movies and the books. You see parts you would probably not have visited. Fun for an afternoon.

  5. My friend @johndavidwest and I loved the ABBA Museum! We also highly recommend the Downtown Camper Hotel by Scandic, which has a rooftop pool and spa experience. After a long day of waking, we took in a movie at the Saga or one of its neighboring cinemas.

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