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What Foods Can You Bring on a Plane?

What foods can you bring on a plane?

This is something I hear all of the time. Can you bring meat and cheese from Italy? How about baby food? And if I bought it at the airport, shouldn’t I be able to bring it back home? I answer the your most asked food and airplane travel questions.

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  1. In fact you can bring yogurt if it is frozen. But it must be frozen at TSA. I tried it, I asked to be sure and they said yes. Tried in both LAX and JFK. Go figure.

  2. Just returned from Italy with a tin of olive oil, which was nearly confiscated. I had it in my checked luggage, but at EWR, the bag drop after customs, was “out of service” and I had to go through security again with my bag. At the TSA screening point I was pulled aside and told to get the can out. I was lectured on not bringing a liquid of more than 3 oz (which I knew). I argued, politely, that it was not my fault that their system was broken, and the nice agent gave in and let me keep it.

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What Foods Can You Bring On A Plane?
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