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What Foods Can You Bring on a Plane?

What foods can you bring on a plane?

This is something I hear all of the time. Can you bring meat and cheese from Italy? How about baby food? And if I bought it at the airport, shouldn’t I be able to bring it back home? I answer the your most asked food and airplane travel questions.

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  1. In fact you can bring yogurt if it is frozen. But it must be frozen at TSA. I tried it, I asked to be sure and they said yes. Tried in both LAX and JFK. Go figure.

  2. Just returned from Italy with a tin of olive oil, which was nearly confiscated. I had it in my checked luggage, but at EWR, the bag drop after customs, was “out of service” and I had to go through security again with my bag. At the TSA screening point I was pulled aside and told to get the can out. I was lectured on not bringing a liquid of more than 3 oz (which I knew). I argued, politely, that it was not my fault that their system was broken, and the nice agent gave in and let me keep it.

  3. Dad retired and he and I flew to tiny Yakutat Alaska to fish with famous Capt. Mark for 200-300# halibut in 80′ shallow vs 300′ water, Silver salmon just outside the harbor on surface light tackle Fun, and stand in thick “fresh” near ocean spawning Red salmon in the tiny Situk River. I bought $35 spray cans of bear pepper spray to “season spice” the abundant Big Grizzley bears or us “food” 20-40 yards in reach snacks.

    Called Alaska Airlines 3xs to confirm I could bring on plane , long day, SJC to SeaTac to Ankorage, wait and back down to Yakutat big WW2 air base missed by cruise ships. “Yes, it is ok with us ,in your checked bag and tell us as soon as you arrive at SRO San Jose Airport Counter.” This I did. At the Gate waiting area, the gate Agent called me over. “Your bear pepper spray was confiscated by us after the Counter. Not TSA.” Have fun feeding Grizzley bears!

    Then my duffel was sent on an Aleutian excursion for 3 days from Anchorage and very rude Gate Agent woman. No apologies. We had great fishing. I swore never to fly AA in Alaska or to Hawaii with crew hiding 5 hrs in back galley. Same for Hawaiian Airlines and their choice of very bumpy 5hr air route without one “seat belts!” off opportunity to use the restrooms! So much for Not being Grizzley Bear “food”!

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What Foods Can You Bring on a Plane?
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