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How to be prepared for your next flight

Getting ready for a flight can be the hardest part of your trip.

However, that doesn’t need to be the case. There are a few simple tips to ensure your day at the airport is as stress-free as possible. A few of my favorites?

  • Check in and print your boarding pass the night before, or save it on your phone. Not only does this help you organize your stuff, but lets the airline know you’re coming!
  • Charge all your devices the day before. Nothing worse than opening up your laptop to 3 percent battery!
  • Make the security line less painful with slip-on shoes and minimal jewelry. Skip the belt. If you need one, just put it on after security.
  • Keep your baggie of liquids near the top of your bag. No explanation needed!

How do you ensure you’re prepared for your flight? Share in the comments!

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How To Be Prepared For Your Next Flight
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