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How to pack a suitcase for a long weekend

I have packing for a long weekend down to a science.

And it’s really not rocket science. My general move is to place small, thin items on the bottom. Think socks, underwear and scarves. Then, I fold stiffer items like pants on top. My next move? Roll t-shirts and place on top of pants. If you intermix stuff like jeans and cotton tees too much, I find the shirts get wrinkled. My shoes go in last, and I always put them on top with the sole side up. Who wants the bottom of their dirty shoes messing up their clothes? Not me!

If I have a bulky sweater or coat, I’ll often just wear it as to not take up precious packing space. If you get too hot, you can always ditch heavier clothing items in the overhead bin.

It’s important to really think about what activities you’ll be partaking in on the trip and pack accordingly. Unless you’re traveling to Paris Fashion Week, you really don’t need a completely different outfit for every day. Select all your stuff from the same color pallet and mix and match. That way, you’ll still have plenty of space for souvenirs and whatever else you may want to bring back with you.

What are some of your best tips for packing?

Travel expert Samantha Brown shares how to pack a suitcase for a long weekend.

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  1. Here’s another tip when packing shoes – that may give you a little more extra room = stuff your socks insides your shoes, then wrap the shoes in a plastic bag – – so the bottoms of your dirty shoes won’t mess up your clothes.

    1. Great idea,
      I always put my shoes in a plastic bag. I do not want the bottoms anywhere near anything even if it is upside down.
      This was a lot of clothes for a weekend.

  2. I won’t travel anywhere without Samantha’s luggage. Her packing cubes are the best, her suitcases have designated, protective pouches for shoes, and her doctor’s tote has a special place for wet/damp items. You can easily fit at least a week’s worth of clothing in her carryon. Her luggage line is also very stylish, with many color choices. I never miss her shows when she’s on HSN.

  3. I buy shower caps from the dollar store—8 to a package. They’re great for wrapping shoes, other items you’d like to keep separate in your suitcase.

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Samantha Brown on how to pack a suitcase for a long weekend.
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