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How to Help Reduce Airport Stress

Let’s be honest: taking a trip is fun, but getting there can be a real pain.

Ever noticed how stressed and crabby most people are at the airport? As someone who travels a lot, I’ve discovered a lot of ways to reduce travel stress. For starters, always give yourself enough time. I know lots of you like to cut it close… but there’s nothing worse than missing your flight because you simply didn’t leave for the airport early enough.

For more of my best travel tips, check out this video I shot at MSP Airport in the Twin Cities (a great airport, by the way!).

What are some of the best ways you’ve found to reduce airport stress?

As someone who travels a lot, I've discovered a lot of ways to reduce airport stress. Check out this video for some of Travel Channel's Samantha Brown's best tips.

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  1. I too arrive early, however, we are TSA pre approved & we use our airline cards to get through the inspection line faster. We are looking at the global entry cards to expedite going through customs when we re-enter the US from Europe. That takes a lot of stress off traveling. Making sure you have all your needed ID before you leave home.

    1. I get there early. I find my gate, then find a place to relax, eat, drink. I freak out just to get there early and get thru security. But I’d rather be early than run thru the airport in a rush.

  2. Samantha – would love your ranking of the 10 most stressful airports. LAX would have to be No. 1 or 2. Thank you for the tips. We arrive two hours before boarding (traveling with a preschooler).

  3. When dealing with layovers, I find that one place in the airport that gives me breathing room. In Atlanta it is the downstairs sections between terminals A & B. There is a make believe forest there with bird frog sounds. For a moment I can breathe as if I am not in an airport. Many airports have art galleries or sculptures. In Portland ME they have wonderful wooden bear sculpture that they adorn according to the season.

  4. LAX is my airport and it’s absolutely the worst! Whenever possible I fly out the smaller airports in the surrounding areas. Totally worth the extra cost.

  5. Take it all one destination at a time. Destination 1, getting to the airport, parking, shuttle, etc. Destination 2, acquiring boarding pass and checking luggage (I use the automated ones, faster faster, faster). Next is Security and I’m a “known traveler” with a GOES card (get one!), and then I head for the next destination, my airline lounge where I hide and rest until 15 minutes before boarding (cookies and coffee in hand). Always. Without fail. The next destination is the gate and the destination thereafter is New York, DC, home, wherever. See? One destination at a time or the whole thing will be overwhelming. And that can be stressful, face it.

  6. I there at least 1 1/2 hours early with a book. That way I’m not stressedans also enjoy my read. I do the same when going to NFL games.

  7. Take lots of Xanax. There is no way to reduce stress at airports these days. Used to be an enjoyable even fun experince to fly but not anymore. The TSA is the biggest bunch of jokers ever implemented. So you “feel” safe I guess they did the job but you really are not safe. Minneapolis airport 95% of restricted items like knifes and such got through the TSA. How do you feel now? So I suggest you wear shoes that are action shoes and jeans so if something does happen on your flight or in the airport you can at least not be hampered by being the idiot with shorts and flip flops on. (those are the people who will be dead first). Enjoy your flight.

  8. We just dodged a bullet because we always arrive early.
    In PHX we noticed folks running around, and folks bringing their full size luggage to the gates. ??? It turns out that a unattended bag caused 2 large security checkpoints to close. People were so stressed when they finally got on our morning flight to LAX. Luckily, we missed all the drama and stress because we choose to arrive early. Whew!

  9. Thank You Samantha Brown! I always enjoy your excellent travel advice! Keep it coming! I will look forward to your help with my travels. Best regards, Mike Gallagher and family.

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As someone who travels a lot, I've discovered a lot of ways to reduce airport stress. Check out this video for some of my best tips.
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