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Fun and Practical Travel Gear for Kids

Your kids are amazing at everything they do, right?!  They are awesome at school, soccer, softball, baseball, football, basketball, field hockey…the list goes on and on.  So why not be A+ at travel style too?  Here are my top picks for the little travelers in your life:

Travel Buddies by Trendy Kid ($29-89)

Your little travel companions will love these colorful and practical cases.  The only fight will be about which one to order.  You can buy them separately or as a set that includes the backpack and 17″ rolling suitcase.  There is also an adorable Popo Parrott in addition to Archie Alien, Lola Ladybug, Percy Penguin and Rusty Robot.  For the discount hunter, you can sometimes find this brand on sites like Overstock.  I recommend you pick one up and save it for the day before your big trip, pull it out with your kids first packing list and let them go to work.  They will be so excited and it will help distract them while you finish your packing.  Of course you will need to cross-check before you go, but it’s a great step towards raising kids who can pack their own bag.

Buy at Trendy Kid


Diggin Skootcase ($59)

Getting through the airport to make your flight with kids in tow can be kinda challenging.  This is why really smart designers of kids stuff come up with things like the Skootcase.  It’s available in multiple colors and can be ridden (foot powered) or pulled by mom and dad (preferably dad).  The storage area is plenty big enough for your kid’s essentials and they will be so thrilled to have this amazing luggage that they will be smiling all the way to the gate.  You’ll get a lot of looks from other kids who wish their parents were as cool as you.

Buy at Amazon

Bottle Buddies ($8.99)

These little guys are both practical and adorable.  You can pack an empty water bottle or buy one at the airport (after the TSA checkpoint).  You tuck the water bottle into the critter and your kids have both hydration and travel style.  The adjustable strap can be monogrammed for additional level of cuteness. Lugging a water bottle through the airport has never looked so good.

Buy at Stephen Joseph


Night Owl Sleeping Mask ($12.50)

No travel ensemble is ever complete without the sleeping mask.  This little night owl makes it really dark and blocks out all the visual distractions so your tired travelers can fall fast asleep.  And yes they are colorful (they come in 6 different colors) owls made from comfy fleece so they feel really good on your face too. If you have an issue with owls, they have kitties too.  I think owls are the way to go…but that’s just me.

Buy at Neatoshop


Animal Neck Pillow by Noodlehead ($14.50)

What you really want to achieve as a parent is for your kids to learn to relax and sleep on a long journey.  When the children are sleeping, the traveling moves along quickly.  It’s one of the simple truths that cannot be disputed.  Thankfully you can train your little ones to use a neck pillow which will make them warm and comfy in their car seat or airline passenger seat.  Get them one of these to ease them into slumber and imagine going on a journey with their pillow friend.  There are several travel-worthy friends to choose from and it won’t be easy, but the payoff is pure bliss.

Buy at Noodlehead


Travel Tot Childproofing Kit ($34.95)

Kids going crazy? This is what you need when you have little kids running about.  The childproof hotel room has entered the stage and even at grandma’s house you have a temporary, non-damaging solution to keep the little ones safe no matter where you go.  Requires no tools and is installed in less than 5 minutes.  Here’s what you get: finger pinch guard, door knob cover, cord wind up, sliding door lock, water thermometer, and sleeping tot door hanger.  Now you can rest and relax on vacation.

Buy at Travel Tot


Share your kids essential travel gear!  What do they never leave home without?

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