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8 Foods to Avoid Before Flying

Airports are raising their game when it comes to dining.

In fact, it’s never been more enticing to get to the airport early. No reason to rush and stress when there’s an airport bar serving decent grub.

Confession: I am 100-percent guilty of eating not-so-good for me food when traveling. From coffee drinks to cookies, soda and french fries, if you eat it when traveling the calories don’t count, right?

However, we all know that not all airport food is created equal.

You know what I’m talking about– wings, burgers and pizza are recipes for heartburn. And giant burritos and brewskies… sure they taste great, but the aftermath can be quite unpleasant, especially for those sitting near you on the plane (I should’ve add Seat Stinker Upper to this list of annoying travelers).

Check out the video for the eight foods to avoid before flying.

If you have to eat at an airport, what’s your go-to choice?

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8 Foods To Avoid Before Flying
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