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Family Travel: Rehearse the Security Line

The airport can be stressful when you are trying to make a quick trip to the gate and get everyone fed and happy before boarding.  One thing you can do before you leave is rehearse the security checkpoint.  Make it a fun event that everyone will enjoy and prepare them for what to expect at the airport.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

Plan your practice run the night before your big trip. 

Everyone will be packed and it will help burn off some of the anticipation that everyone is experiencing.

Layout your kitchen with some fun snacks at the end of the security line. 

This will provide a tasty incentive for those who navigate through the checkpoint quickly.

Use the kitchen table or counter as the security table where you put your things.

You’ll need some bins, so grab a salad bowl or large plastic container.

Setup a door as the metal detector and assign someone to be the TSA agent.

Now you’re ready!  Send your crew through your pretend security checkpoint.  Make sure everyone passes through your practice session following the TSA rules for identification, liquids, shoes, laptop removal, coats, etc.  Each person should check their bag for prohibited items like water bottles and sharp objects.

Know the rules:

Travelers younger than 12 years old and older than 75 are not required to remove their shoes to pass through airport security.  They can go through metal detectors and body scanners several times rather than being patted down.

More info

Mobile assistance:

Not sure about something, try the TSA mobile application that you can use to plan your pretend session.  You can get information about security wait times and exactly what you can bring through the checkpoint.

Add your ideas for how to make the pretend security line a fun and entertaining dress rehearsal.


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