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10 Simple items that will enhance your air travel experience

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means: prime travel season. Air travel has changed so much in recent years. You can check-in from your phone, keep up to date with delays from an app, and watch our favorite TV shows as we fly through the air at 500 knots. However, there are still some travel items that can never be replaced by digital technology.

Here’s 10 simple items that will enhance your air travel experience.


A Mini Strip

Sometimes I think it would be easier to win the Powerball than to find an available outlet at the airport. Bring your own solution by traveling with a mini strip that turns one outlet into several. You can even find them with built in USB chargers.

External Phone Battery

All phones are the same in that they die around 4pm. We always need a little extra juice. Many of the compact chargers, like this one or this one, will provide 2-3 full charges on the fly. Worth its weight in gold if you as me!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Air travel is fabulous, but man does it take a toll on your skin! That’s why I love a refreshing face mist like this one from Mario Basedscu. I get the big bottle and fill up my little spray bottle for the plane and dry hotels. Simply spritz a little on after a flight (or in the bathroom on a long flight), and your skin and makeup will instantly feel brighter!


Activities for a long flight or layover.

Yes, I know your phone has games. But why not try using the time to do something a little more mindful? Now’s the time to try out that adult coloring book, create a bullet journal to boost productivity, or break out a deck of cards.


A handkerchief or roll of duct tape

There is nothing worse than realizing someone else swiped your similar-looking bag on accident. I’m a big fan of colorful luggage for this reason, but one way to help assure your bag doesn’t go walking away is to add a little flair to it. Tie on a vibrant hanky, or throw on a few pieces of crazy duct tape to the outside. It makes your piece stick out in a crowd.


Wet bag

I was first introduced to wet bags when I had the twins. Lord knows something will get wet when you’re traveling with kids, and if it’s only water, you’re one of the lucky ones! They’re great for a wet swimsuit, socks soaked from rain, or even sweaty gym clothes. They’re also perfect for storing things you don’t want to get wet, like laptops, kindles, phones. These bags hardly take up any space, and are cuter (and more environmentally sound) than plastic Ziploc bags.


Treats for the Crew

Here’s a secret to getting upgrades, extra pretzels/peanuts, free cocktails, headsets and more: Bring treats for the crew. Cookies, candy, Starbucks instant coffee packs, nice lip balm. These hard working ladies and gents rarely get the credit they deserve, and think absolutely nothing about showering a kind and grateful traveler with complimentary goodies.

An actual book or magazine

Books don’t run out of batteries. And if you accidentally leave a magazine on a plane, well, who cares! I love digging into an actual paperback on a long flight. If you finish on the way, gift it to another passenger or someone in the flight crew. 1,000,000 karma points!


acorn slippers

I always bring my Acorn slippers for a long flight. They keep a barrier between your feet and the floor, are less off-putting to your seat mates than simply taking your shoes off, and are so cozy. But put your shoes back on when you head to the bathroom. Many men have bad aim in the first place, and when you throw in turbulence… yuck.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

This instantly makes my skin look refreshed and even glowing. Perfect after a long haul flight, or taking your kids to school and not wanting to look like “tired mommy.”

What are some of your travel gear go-tos?

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Air travel has changed so much in recent years. You can check-in from your phone, keep up to date with delays from an app, and watch our favorite TV shows as we fly through the air at 500 knots. However, there are still some travel items that can never be replaced by digital technology. Here are a few to stock up on.


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  1. We once made the mistake of taking a mini-strip with a surge protector to France. When we plugged it in, we blew out the hotel room’s circuit breaker. All of our traveling electrical stuff (computers, cameras, curling iron, etc.) was rated for 240 volts EXCEPT the surge protector.

  2. Flying Business Class to Europe or Asia will certainly make any of those trips so much better. Just a couple of credit card signups and you are riding up front. The slippers come with the seat.

  3. I’ve given pre-flight presents to flight crews for years – a little box of Godiva chocolates works wonders. Also, for those of us who train around the European Continent, you’ll have noticed that you have a service crew assigned to your car (Eurostar, Thalys, &c.). Hmmm, what to do, what to do ??? Godiva chocolates, of course!!!

  4. We grab those flimsy slip-on slippers that many hotels give you and use them on long flights and just toss them after we use them. We have also discovered packing cubes!

  5. I always learn something new from your Travel Tips. Thank You
    I just got your 26” Hard Side Suitcase in Rose Gold, Love It ????

  6. Hand sanitizer wipes AND Lysol or bleach ones to wipe down arm rests, light and fan controls, seat belt buckle, tray table, and arm rests.

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10 Simple Items That Will Enhance Your Air Travel Experience



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