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Will Apple’s Watch Change How We Travel?

As you probably guessed, I am not the most tech-savvy person in the world.  I didn’t use a smartphone as soon as everyone else, but once I got one, I was completely hooked.  All the applications and the ability to customize your phone for the way you work, play and of course, travel.  Now I can’t imagine leaving home without my iPhone and go into immediate cardiac arrest if I think I lost it.  Although thankfully, there’s an app for that.

It’s no coincidence that my birthday is right around the time the new Apple Watch goes on pre-order.  It might just make the perfect birthday gift (wink wink).  I’m thinking that the $17,000 model might fit my travel style PERFECTLY (rolls eyes laughing).  But honestly, looking into the not-too-distant future, here are a few ways I think it might change how we travel.


As everyone knows, keeping track of time when you travel can be complicated.  Especially if your journey spans multiple time zones in a short period of time.  One of the most impressive features of the Apple Watch is the ability to completely customize the clock and have it all available at a glance.  Forget those boring old-school watches with a few dials, you can make special clock for every trip you take, which will make sure you don’t screw up and call home in the middle of the night!


Maps and Directions

How far have we come from paper maps?  While I sometimes yearn for the good ol’ days, most of the time I just want to know where I am and how to get where I’m going.  While the smartphone as taken us light years forward, the watch will transport us seamlessly to our destination without having to wrestle with our rapidly growing and sometimes clunky smartphones.  How many times have you dropped yours under the seat or on the sidewalk while you were trying to navigate?


Payments and Security

This is a clear winner as long as the payments system is widely available.  How great would it be to not have to take your phone or your wallet out of your pocket or purse.  Just wave your arm and whatever it is, it’s paid for.  Oh and in the local currency too.  Safe, secure, and convenient.


Flight Details and Tracking

When you start your trip, the one thing that’s constant is checking your itinerary and keeping track of the time so you get where you need to be and don’t miss any connections.  Airlines are offering apps for the watch that will make that constant worrying go away.  Plus the apps will warn you when there is a significant update like a gate change or delay.  Swipe and your boarding pass has been accepted!  (electronic boarding passes not accepted at all airports, sigh.)


Hotel Room Access

Wouldn’t you love anything that makes the little hotel card key obsolete?  Just register your watch at check-in and then do your favorite dance number with an arm wave at your door to enter and exit.  No more fumbling around in the hallway trying to dig the thing out of your purse or pocket.  Sounds wonderful!


Time Savings and Convenience

One aspect of travel, and maybe everyday life, that we underestimate is how much time we spend digging our phones out of our bags and pockets.  Or looking for that misplaced phone that we laid down somewhere for just a moment.  Chances are you have found yourself standing behind one of these people in line at the airport.  You know the type that can never find their phone and seem to search forever while everyone else waits.  Thankfully with the watch, the iPhone can stay in the bag.  At least most of the time.


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