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Snow Day Dreaming: Epic Kid Adventures

Snow days are the best days, especially if you weren’t expecting to be home and have a whole day to goof-off.  Kids remember their snow days fondly and those memories usually last a lifetime.  Sleeping in, sledding, hot chocolate, movie marathons and baking cookies! Sometimes we just sat in a chair, looking at the snow and daydreaming.  Since I’m not a kid anymore, yet really a kid at heart, I started thinking about far away amazing adventures to travel to in my mind.  Magical places that any kid would remember forever and even take their kids when they grow up.

Here are 5 epic adventures for some snow day dreaming:

Galapagos Islands

Whenever I think of the best adventures for kids, the Galapagos Islands are really the first place that enters my mind.  It feels like a real life fantasy world right out of Dr. Seuss where colorful birds (i.e. blue-footed boobies), friendly sea lions, iguanas, penguins and thousands of other creatures create an intimate environment for kids to learn about nature.   Whatever you want to do, it’s right there in your playground.  Hike a volcano, swim on the beaches, snorkel amid spectacular marine life, bike the coast, or go white water rafting.  Take your parents along, they will enjoy it too! You’ll have unforgettable memories of adventure and learn many important lessons about nature and preservation.

Galapagos Islands

African Safari

One of the best places for kids to see wildlife and camp out under the African skies is Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania.  One of the most famous parks in Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage site, you will be stunned with wildlife viewing anytime you go.  Every year, millions of gazelle, zebra, and wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti to Kenya.  You could easily see gigantic herds that stretch across the entire horizon.  Other wildlife is always out and about, such as buffalo, elephants, giraffes, and large cats such as Cheetahs.   Here’s a great idea…book a ride on a hot air balloon safari so you can float over the stunning scenery and incredible wildlife.  It will be one of your favorite experiences EVER!

African Safari

Oxford, England 

Oxford is a magical place where history, entertainment, classic literature, and a famous university all share the same address.  Anyone would be excited to journey to Oxford, yet for kids the experience is unique.  Oxford is home to the enchanted worlds of Narnia, Middle Earth, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and Middle Earth.  Create your own adventure or use a trusted tour group such as Road Scholar.  Tours keep everyone moving and busy with trips to Warwick Castle, the Maze at Blenheim Palace, Alice’s Christ Church and a Harry Potter Day.  You’ll be amazed how much fun can be had exploring the legendary tales of elves, hobbits, wizards, and muggles.

Oxford England

Swimming with the Dolphins

You can go swimming almost anywhere, but there are only a few places where you can swim with the dolphins.  One of the best-known places to have an intimate encounter with a dolphin is at Discovery Cove in Orlando. While they offer a number of experiences to young (6 and older) and old alike, the main attraction is the opportunity to swim with a bottlenose dolphin for 30-minutes.  You’ll make a friend for life and walk away with a memory like no other.  No need to be fearful of the dolphins, trainers go with you and teach you how to greet the dolphins through hugs, kisses and rubdowns.  Then you get to head over to deeper water for a fin tow ride back to shore.  (Tip: If you go during the summer, make your reservations at least a month early)


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