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It’s July! Let’s go somewhere!

There is so much talk about eating seasonally. Why not take that same approach to travel? Just like tomatoes taste better in August, destinations simply shine certain times of the year. With that in mind, here’s a few destinations you should consider in July.

Stillwater, Minnesota

stillwater, mn

It’s the oldest town in Minnesota, nestled between majestic bluffs with a river running along it. Once home to 19th Century lumber barons, this historic town less than 40 minutes from downtown Minneapolis makes for a perfect long weekend.

Why go now? Sunshine and warm temps makes spending a day bumming around this town a lot more fun than it is in, say, January.

What to eat: Grab a perfectly crafted cocktail and elevated tacos as Lolito.

Where to mingle with the locals: Lumberjack Days, held on the 3rd weekend in July. Go for lumberjack competitions, beer tents, fried food, live music.

Where to stay: The town may be old, but the accommodations at the Lora Hotels are brand new and super stylish. link

Fresh air alert! Get out on the river, by renting a boat or booking a riverboat cruise.

Read more about Stillwater here.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

theodore roosevelt national park


This North Dakota park may not be top of mind, but offers an irresistibly rugged and—dare I say—wild side.

Why go now: Because North Dakota is really beautiful in the summer (and less chaotic than its sister to the south). This is one of the least visited national parks, so even in high season, you won’t be too overwhelmed.

What to eat: Head to the town of Medora for grub at the Farmhouse Café. Great breakfasts, which is the key to any road trip!

Hello, wildlife! Get acquainted with wild horses, longhorns, bison, elk, prairie dogs, coyotes, badgers, and more.

Stretch your legs. From quick and easy strolls to more strenuous day hikes, I’ve got something for everyone. A good place to start is Painted Canyon Nature Trail in the park’s South Unit. This roughly 45-minute walk gets you up close and personal with the rock layers, junipers, and wildlife.

Best place for a Selfie: Painted Canyon Visitor Center. On a clear day, the Badlands stretch endlessly into the horizon.

Weird fact: The park is actually located in two time zones. The south section of the park is in Mountain Time Zone, while the north is in Central.

More on this national treasure here.


Lake Geneva and the Valais Region, Switzerland

switzerland - lake geneva

Switzerland has a beauty that goes unmatched. Hike it, bike it, boat it, and drink it all in.

Why go now: Shimmering lakes with a backdrop of majestic mountains make this destination picture-perfect come summer.

Where to imbibe: At a vineyard! Swiss wine is all made by hand, and created only in small batches, which are almost exclusively consumed within the Switzerland. Go to the Lavaux region’s Dance Vineyard for their light, crisp, slightly salty wine. They’re typically low-alcohol, too, which is great for day drinking!

Where to stay? Got cash to burn? Drop your bags at Beau Rivage on Lake Geneva. Open since 1865, this one of the few Grand Dame hotels in the world that is still family-owned. If you can splurge on a room, grab lunch and a drink at La Terrasse, their outdoor restaurant overlooking the water.

Where to mingle with the locals: Lausanne. Known for its Universities, business and hospitality schools, this place feels young at heart. And where there are young people, there are music festivals. July boasts the Festival Cite, a music and art event held on the cobblestone streets leading up to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, built over 800 years ago. Learn more about this city’s festivals here.

Cuteness overload: Heaven is a place on earth, and I found it in Barryland. This magical place lets regular people learn the history of, then interact with Switzerland’s National Dog, the St. Bernard.

Fresh Swiss air: The beautiful Belle Epoque Boats operate on many Swiss lakes, but the most notable trip is on Lake Geneva. Enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner cruise aboard, making sure to soak up the stunning views along the way.

Read more here.

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  2. We just returned from our summer vacation and I have to thank you for featuring the UNESCO vineyards on the north shore of lake Geneva in one of your previous travel shows. I loved everywhere we went this summer, but hiking in the vineyards of the Lavaux was magical and so perfect. The views of the lake and the alps in the distance were fantastic and made for the trip of a lifetime. If I had not seen your show I dont know that I would have ever found this place. Thank you so much!!

  3. Let’s see,,,, This is a revisit to an old haunt.. Where you were put into that plastic bubble and sent down a hill,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SHREAKING with laughter & screams.. OH WAIT!! That was MT. Blanc…. BEcause of you,,,,,,,,,,,,, Remember the song?????? I went there and ate the fondue and stayed @ the lodge..

  4. Would you please send me a listing of places to love that are a short driving distance from Atlanta? P.S. I love all your travel destinations.

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