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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Travel

It’s time to start thinking holiday gifts.

And since we’re seeing so many issues with the supply chain, it’s definitely not too early to start. Here’s a few ideas for the travel lover in your life.

Great Travel Gear

In the interest of full disclosure, I have my own luggage line carried exclusively by HSN. My design philosophy is pretty simple: unique gear that looks great and overcomes some common shortcomings. Here’s what I am loving now.

Samantha Brown Cosmetic Organizer - holiday gifts for travelers

Cosmetic Organizer
You gotta have a great cosmetic organizer. ItThis organizer comes in black as well as some fun tropical prints. It’s a little bag with a ton of organization– pockets, zippers, pouches– so you can keep your makeup secure. Ugh, I hate when things break in transit! Plus you can use all the exterior pockets to position your brushes,  lipsticks, eyeliners– it’ll turn that hotel countertop into a true vanity kind of situation. I’ve also had customers tell me this makes for the perfect cord organizer, and I copied that idea for myself.

quilted tote - samanta brown - holiday gifts for travelers

Quilted Crossbody Tote With Pouch
I call this one my puffer tote because, well, it looks like a down jacket. It soft, incredibly light weight and fits so much stuff. Whether you’re headed out on an adventurous road trip or just going on your daily journey, get there with a little help from this quilted crossbody tote.

Mongolian Cashmere Wrap

cashmere travel wrap - holiday gifts for travelers

I travel a lot, and I am still in awe of women who look elegant at the airport. I’ve discovered an easy cheat to getting there: a chic cashmere wrap. Perfect whether you’re bundled up in a chilly office or napping on a long flight. This cashmere wrap shawl will keep you cozy.

Vim Vigr Compression Socks

Vim & VIgr compression socks - holiday gifts for travelers

Long flight? On your feet all day? Sitting at a computer from 9-5? Compression socks are where it’s at. Compression socks are a proactive way to maintain healthy circulation, reduce discomfort and help prevent vein disease. They reduce swelling in your legs, improve circulation and lower your risk of getting blood clots. The best part? The socks from Vim & Vigr are legitimately cute.

Athleta Masks

athleta face masks - holiday gifts for travelers

Who can even talk travel in 2021 without mentioning masks? I have a handful of favorites, but I like the fit and function of these Athleta ones. They offer three layers of protection, making them a great option for travel. The mask is made from a polyester and spandex blend with a comfortable cotton liner that’s soft on the skin. The pleated design fits a variety of face sizes, while adjustable ear loops add comfort and allow users to find a comfortable fit. The masks come in a pack of five, so they’re also a great option to bring on a trip.

Self-Care Holiday Gifts

There’s something so wonderful about investing in a few nice products when you travel (or when you’re home, just to bring a little of that vacation to your day-to-day).

Biossance Squalane Hand Sanitizer

biossance hand sanitizer - holiday gifts for travelers

Yes, you pretty much have to travel with hand sanitizer these days. And they are not all created equal. For something that kills germs AND hydrates your skin, try this great product from Biossance. With sustainable sugarcane-derived squalane and vegan glycerin, this stuff helps replenish skin’s moisture barrier. Plus, it’s packaged in a recyclable bottle made from sustainable sugarcane, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Available in a regular and travel side.

Subtl Beauty Stacks

subtl beauty stacks - holiday gifts for travelers

It’s literally your entire beauty routine in the palm of your hand.  These custom-designed, multi-functional makeup stacks pack 6 skincare/makeup offerings small enough to fit into even your tiniest bag. You can customize your own stack at based on skin-concerns, skin-tone and beauty routine must-haves. Bring your own mascara and boom! You are ready to go.

Hotel Lobby Candle

hotel lobby candle co - holiday gifts for travelers

There’s nothing quite like walking into the lobby of a fabulous hotel, and a big part of that is scent. Bring those vacation vibes home with a candle from the HLC brand. Their candles are handmade in the USA with an all natural 100% soy wax and hand-painted glass vessels. Full-sized candles are 9.75 oz and have a 65-hour burn time.

Wacao Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

mini espresso machine holiday gifts for travelers

Have a coffee lover who travels? Check out this portable espresso machine. It weighs less than one pound and is compatible with Nespresso pods. It even comes with its own travel bag, making it very easy to pack. Great for camping (why yes, I’d drink an espresso while camping), too.

Sand Cloud Towels

sand cloud towel - holiday gifts for travelers

I love traveling with a scarf. But if you’re looking to cover a little more surface area, or legitimately need a towel, these  Sand Cloud towels are just the ticket. They fold down to nothing, repel sand, and dry three times faster than a regular towel. Sign me up!

Wanderlust Gifts

World Traveler’s Cork Globe

cork globe - holiday gifts for travelers

I love a globe, and this one not only inspires wanderlust, but highlights the places you’ve already been. Perfect for a traveller’s desk!

75 Iconic US Landmarks Scratch Off Poster

scratch-off map - holiday gifts for travelers

There are so many wonderful places to visit in the USA. And this scratch off map makes it fun to check things off the list. From Alcatraz and Central Park to the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip, there’s 71 squares to inspire your next trip.

Skiing Maps by James Niehues

Skiing Maps by James Niehues

It never occurred to me that I could buy one of those iconic ski maps! As it turns out, most of them have been made by artist James Niehues, and you can buy prints of his maps. How cool is this idea for the skier in your life?

Edible Gifts

There’s nothing quite like food to bring you back to a place, if only in your mind. Here’s a few options I love.

Live Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

As a born and bred New Englander, I love how a lobster dinner transports me to summers in Maine. Get live lobsters shipped directly to your door from Maine Lobster Now. These live lobsters are wild-caught using the latest sustainable sourcing methods that help ensure the long-term population of this coastal favorite and support thousands of independently owned businesses in Maine.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Bring the Windy City to your home kitchen with a Gino’s East traditional Chicago style deep dish pan pizza. You get that famous golden crust, chunky tomato sauce, oozing with real aged cheese. Napkins not included. Choose three of your favorite Gino’s pizzas to enjoy right in your own home.



Is it even a trip to NYC if you don’t eat a bagel for breakfast? Get that New York experience with this shipment from the legendary Ess-a-Bagel. Family-owned for more than 35 years, Ess-a is renowned for its big, chewy, crusty hand-rolled and kettle-boiled New York bagels made the old-fashioned way. Whether eaten on their own or with a schmear of cream cheese and a pile of lox, these bagels are a true taste of New York!

What are your favorite holiday gifts to give? Share in the comments!

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Here's a few gift ideas for the travel lover in your life.

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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Travel
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