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Samantha Brown’s Blue Ridge Mountains road trip

The parkway between  beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains


The Blue Ridge Parkway isn’t technically a National Park, but it might as well be. It connects two National Parks (Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains) together and the parkway itself is the most visited unit controlled by the National Parks System. Each year, more people drive along its roads than visit the Grand Canyon. True fact. People flock to it with good reason, though…it’s pretty gorgeous. Plus, there’s tons to see and do along the way. Here’s a few highlights to see along the way.

Whether you’re starting or ending the trip in Shenandoah, the park’s Skyline Drive is one of the most unforgettably epic parts of the trip. The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles of pure beauty. It all begins in Front Royal, Virginia, and runs all the way down to Cherokee, North Carolina.

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  1. Any favorite places along the way for really good healthy food and lovely lodgings as well as like unknown spots?
    Thinking of taking a drive before the kids get out of school…. Thanks

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Blue Ridge Mountains
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