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Mykonos, Greece

Soaking in the View…

Views like these just make us feel bad about ourselves.  And that’s not fair. It’s so overwhelmingly beautiful it makes you admire in awe and yet curse at the same time (like how I feel about Charlize Theron).  I was so happy when I saw this view but then sad when I realized I may never see it again which then made me envious of the people who do get to come here all the time and don’t realize their fortune. Like those two couples down in the bay who are probably swimming naked with one another without a care in the world.  I bet they’re not even wearing sunscreen.  This heaven on earth destination is Agios Sostis Beach, which is a very quiet beach due to its location in the north or away from the very popular see-and-be-seen beaches of the south.  There’s also no bus service so it’s only accessible by car or motorbike.

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