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Ahhh, Ireland

Summer is upon us and as the temperatures heat up to near triple digits that threaten to scorch you from the inside out, my thoughts always turn to the Emerald Isle where fresh cool air and a light mist seem to dominate the days no matter what season so that each one can end with a glass of cheek-numbing whiskey.  I’m partial to the wild landscapes of the western coast.  A car is a must to go exploring medieval roads that hug the seashore and provide brilliant blue water on one side and iridescent green rocky pastures on the other.  Names like Doolin, Dingle and Ballybunion give you all the motivation you need to drive hours for a quick visit.  No matter where you are on the coast, oysters the Irish way is a must: house baked brown bread, with a layer of creamy butter topped with those briney gifts from the sea.  All washed down by…well do I even have to say it?

The Irish are incredibly humble people but its landscape is a total show-off and you’ll love its performance.

What are your favorite things to do in Ireland?

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  1. You’re killin’ me Samantha….hanging over the edge of….is that the Cliffs of Moher, or Dun Aengus? No matter….any pic of Ireland makes me want to hop a flihgt back. Been 10 times in past 5 years….hopefully again before end of yr. My favorite place is where I’ve made dear friends in the tiny village of Sneem. Go back to delever the pictures taken in the pubs that last time I was there lifting a glass with them. Also, Adare Manor, Dingle, and too many places to all mention….including a very special island I discovered. I think me hears a Guinness calling me name!!!

  2. So glad you now have this site!! Have watched you from the beginning and can’t wait to take these trips myself. Holding out for my first pint of stout in Ireland. I’m really thirsty 😉 Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! You seem like you’d be the life of the party, so give me a shout if your in Nashville again, I’m thinking girls night out ! Lol Safe travels!

    1. I live nearby to you Michelle! About 80 mi south of Nashville. If that girls night ever materializes, hit me up! Lol! 🙂

  3. LOVE you Sam–sooo GLAD you have thie site !! Want you BACK on the Travel Channel, ASAP !! Been to Ireland 4 times —Never enough time to see everything . Went to Lisdoonvarna , for their Matchmaking festival , a couple of yrs ago—lots of fun –( No match , tho !!) XOXO

  4. I really miss watching your travel shows. I think that I have seen them all more than once. We have never been to Europe so for our first trip, where would you suggest we go? Money is a factor but I trust your opinion and you always seem to have a good time. My wife and I would love to meet you sometime. I hope you have safe travels and good luck in all you do.

  5. Finally, I’m going to Ireland, the home of my ancestors, in May! My father was born and raised in Dublin, and immigrated as a young man. I’m going to try to find the house in which he was born—if possible. What I’m wondering is….what to wear in May. Looks like I can manage with jeans, pull-overs and a waterproof, hooded jacket, and boots, right? Any other suggestions? Have been to Europe, including England, twice, but at different times of the year. So excited! Love you, Samantha! You’re terrific.

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Cliffs of Moher
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