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What Does It Feel Like To Travel Right Now?

What does it feel like to travel right now?

Travel looks so different during Covid-19. Aside from a short road trip to Pennsylvania, I've barely left my neighborhood. However, there definitely are people traveling. That's why I reached out…

Able To Travel In September? Do It!

Able to travel in September? Do it!

If you’ve found yourself dreaming of traveling—even just a tank of gas away—September is the perfect time. For many, September feels a bit like a fresh start. Kids are back…

15+ Virtual Trips To Take From Your House

15+ Virtual Trips to Take from Your House

Your next vacation may be on hold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scratch that travel itch from home. Here are a few ways to virtually explore some of the…

100 Experience-based Holiday Gift Ideas

100 Experience-based Holiday Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season to shop till you drop—but what if this year, you focused on giving experiences instead of material objects? It’s scientifically proven that experiential gifts improve relationships and…

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