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samantha brown places to love - houston

Follow along on Samantha’s adventures to discover her “Places to Love”… what she did and the interesting people she met along the way.


Learn more about TV host and world traveler Samantha Brown.



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The face you make when you didn’t know your streamed interview about travel and it’s trends was going to be on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange !!!!   #nyse @cheddar

The face you make when you didn’t know your streamed interview about travel and it’s trends was going to be on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange !!!! #nyse @cheddar ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago


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That’s why the stocks are higher! You are there!!!yahooooo🌟😃

Kudos to you!

Been following your travel shows for many years Sam!

Miss your show! Love the things I have gotten for travel from you! Yes that could be a exciting interview!

Say hi to my cousin, Stacey Cunningham. She is the first female President of the New York Stock Exchange.

I wonder that fake

Way to go Samantha. Queen of NYSE!!!

Woohoo!! Congratulations!🍾

Thanks Sam, but you need to go there every day for the rest of the year!

A capital idea! 😉

Where have u been.. I loved watching u and Bourdain and then u dropped off the face of the earth... Too Long no see!!!

Your awesome!


Cool. As usual.

Eric remember when she had the apple strudel in Prague for less than $1?

Ur the cutest! Happy Holidays 2 u & urs. 💕🎄

Beautiful lady and Beautiful smile! ❤️

You’re the reason I gained my love of traveling! Thank you!! ❤️

How can you get on the floor or is there a tour?

THE MAIN REASON I watch HSN is to see (and buy) all of your beautiful and smart travel selections. I basically have rarely traveled in almost ten years (death of my guy) and let me tell you what I now have from you: Burgundy, turquoise, black in the classic crock set, navy in the tweed set, weekenders in many sets, underseaters too, tote organizers,and the packing cubes? Well I have bought probably 20 sets and I give them as presents to my friends who DO travel regularly for their profession and for fun. Yep, I have the 3 piece cubes, the 4 piece sets, and now the 5 piece sets. I was sad to see the last design of your travel blazer with RFID went on close out because my pal who regularly goes from Texas to D.C. and West Point wanted mine but this time I was kind of keeping my last one close to the vest so to speak. COMFORT? Oh my yes! I cannot tell you how many times I have bought sets of the luggage (21", dowel with cubes) for my closest friends and then tell them how much they now need to add 25" or 28" to their collection (which they see and do) and I just bought the 25" burgundy for my attorney friend, Robin, to add to what I gave her last year. Oh! Glad you also came out with the smaller dowel which is a better fit for me! Okay, these are wonderful ladies who go from here in my precious California back and forth to Hawaii, D.C. as mentioned, Florida, North Carolina, and on and on and my pal Cheryl has even taken the set to her White House visit. There is no age limitations on how classic all of your luggage sets are! Love the travel tees too. Have the expandable cabin bag as I use it packed and ready as an emergency "TO GO" bag in case we have a major weather situation (earthquake, fires) and need to get out quickly. I even bought a second one for my Maltese, Sammy, for all the things I would need for him. I am only 4' 11" and let me tell you, that well made telescopic handle and different heights it can extend to is a BIG DEAL weather petite like me or tall like most of my pals. My pal Kristin took her set back to New York to see family and when her Mom came out here guess what she had secretly bought two sets after seeing Kristin's? Yep, a croco burgundy set for her and the material set for her husband! I have the luggage tags too, So back to my travels last year. So first it was Hawaii (haven't been in quite some time and that was my go to place) and the most exciting planning of the trip was which set to take! Everything from the packing, the driver who loaded and unloaded the luggage, to checking in through TSA (they actually smiled at my luggage), to the looks I got (whoops the luggage got) and then when I would hear a woman whisper to her husband about the luggage I would go in to my passionate sales girl natural communication and say yes, it's Samantha Brown luggage and let me tell you why it is sooooooooo above all the rest! One man turned to his wife afterward I let her walk with it and try it out and said, okay, go buy it! The next trip a month later was to the Bellagio in Vegas and exiting the taxi I wanted to keep it with me and the couple I was with said to let them take it to the room and I let them but was NOT happy as I wanted the whole experience of walking in my smart travel outfit with the most gorgeous luggage there! So after the initial frustration the husband got the message and I got to smile as I walked through that beautiful place upon checking out. haha Oh and it is strong, those wheels on the original sets are the best, lightweight, RFID big deal, peace of mind pocket, and well when you are on I will watch each presentation to learn about your tips and tricks. OH! I love the SAM wallet you designed mainly for men's pockets and I use it for walking Sammy by it slipping easily in my pocket (the designed is so clever!) Also, you have a voice that is so uplifting and good for TV as compared to some others. I have seen where some folks copy you more and more and it is shocking to me as YOU are the rock star and well I guess that's ok but not really for me anyway; I will turn from HSN when I see that. One of the employees talks over you and wants to show pictures of her travels and I want to say it is not about you, let Samantha talk! All the others have a great pace with you though so I just deal with it haha Bobbi is it and the redhead (gee, cannot think of her name) are great and Matt and Adam too. Anyway, got off course for a minute but YOU are able to rein back in the presentation and teach us. Most closest friends never watch HSN and some don't even know what it is BUT NOW THEY DO because of YOU!!! Please keep doing what you do because you DO make travel fun again. Well I have a lot to do so I will sign out. Margie (Maltese Sammy's Mom). :)

It's another good day to be Samantha Brown... Congratulations!!! :)

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