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Terrific Gifts For the Traveling Mom

It’s a shame Mother’s Day is only once a year. No one touches our lives more that the wonderful woman who knows everything about us, yet loves us just the same. While everyone’s mom is different, they all have one thing in common. They love to travel. With family, friends, or whoever is up for an adventure. Beaches, safaris, cities, camping, ancient ruins, theme parks are just a few of the places you’ll go. And when we grow up, we do it for our kids. And so it goes.

Here are a few terrific gift ideas for the traveling mom:

Upcycled Sari Yoga Bag ($40)

These hand-made, one of a kind bags made from upcycled Indian saris will turn heads wherever she goes. The colorful carry-all wraps your mat in a vibrant, richly-patterned patchwork of printed, embroidered and beaded textiles. Trust me, mom will love it!

Upcycled Yoga Bag


Wine2Go – The Foldable Wine Bottle  ($12)

This very handy and light-weight wine carrier is bound to be a big hit with your mom or mother-in-law.  It’s perfect for on-the-go trips where you don’t want to take a heavy bottle of wine, like camping, festivals or concerts. It fits a 750ml bottle of wine with a little room to spare.  Unlike a real wine bottle, you can take it anywhere and the material is flexible so it easily fits into any cooler or picnic carrier.

Buy at Amazon: Foldable Wine Bottle


Samantha Brown Embossed Ombre Luggage Set

I travel a lot and I’m a stickler for great luggage. I worked hand-in-hand with HSN to design my own luggage line that not only lives up to my tough standards, but looks great too. Every piece is protective, functional and fashionable. You know can count on me for a great luggage recommendation—and for a Mother’s Day gift she’ll carry with her for years to come.

Buy at HSN

Gifts for traveling mom

Flat Attack Universal Charger ($35)

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know I am slightly obsessed with portable chargers. Every time my phone starts the death count down to zero, I reach in my bag and pull out just the perfect thing to charge it back up.  However, until I found this, the chargers had to be charged too.  And that was a problem about half the time when I clearly just forgot.  Nicest thing about the flat attack is that it charges from a single AA battery, so as long as you have a few in your bag you’re good for several charges. (Purchase before May 3, 2015)

Buy at Touch of Modern


Tile: An Item Finder for Anything ($25)

Does your mom lose things?  Do you spend days trying to find her car keys?  I’ve got just the thing and it’s called Tile.  I got one for Christmas last year and thought, I’ll never use that.  Well guess what?  These things have saved me more times than I can count.  Here’s how it works. You attach Tile to an item you want to track, so it’s tethered to your phone (iPhone or Android). So when your stuff gets lost, your phone can help you find it. Start with one and go from there. Watch Video

Buy at Amazon: Tile – Item Finder for Anything


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  1. Please bring back more of the wrap draped cardigan in black to HSN. I have the pink and LOVE it! It is extremely chic! Thank you!

  2. Please bring back your hardside collection and a bag that has the rfid technology please. I need to get many gifts due to the people liking mine plus I would like to add to my collection as well.
    Thank you!

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terrific gifts for the traveling mom
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