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Places to Love Episode Study Guides

I’m pleased to introduce Places to Love study guides!

Invention often comes from necessity. I think I can speak for most parents when I say life during COVID19 has everything turned upside down. Zoom calls with teachers that never seem to go without technical difficulties; keeping your little ones quiet for 20 gosh darn minutes while you take a work call; Googling “what’s a prime number” so you can help with homework you’re not sure you even learned the first time around… it’s a lot.

I’ve always made it a point to create television shows that speak to multiple generations. Whether you’re 3 or 93, travel is something that speaks to everyone.

Places to Love is a travel show that focuses on destinations, experiences and the people who make us feel like we are a part of a place. I’ve created these companion study guides to foster opportunities for conversation and critical thinking. Best part? You’ll enjoy watching the show with your kiddos (or find yourself with 26 blissful minutes to get something else accomplished!).

Stay healthy– we’re all in this together!


Huntsville, Alabama

Samantha has the pleasure to travel to one of the most unassuming cities in that of Huntsville, Alabama, where she gets to float in space like an astronaut, see a full-scale Apollo rocket and meets Alex McCool, a national treasure who helped put man on the moon. Samantha also ventures out to a soul food restaurant, serving arguably the best fried chicken in the South.

Download the Huntsville Study Guide!

Huntsville K-5 Study Guide
Huntsville Junior High Study Guide

Vienna, Austria

Samantha begins her visit to Vienna at the 3rd Man Museum, where she learns about  the city’s fascinating history. From there she visits the Imperial Library, part of the Hapsburg history of the city. A boat ride on the Old Danube River allows Samantha to take in the sights of this historic city before hiking up the hills and sampling wine with views of the city below.

Download the Vienna Study Guide!

Vienna K-5 Study Guide
Vienna Junior High Study Guide

Christchurch, New Zealand

Samantha experiences the revival of the once earthquake devastated city of Christchurch, starting off her journey at the Gap Filler initiatives, which are innovative installations that temporarily fill the gaps. She explores Akaroa Harbor, and then visits a local farm that protects the endangered Pohatu penguins.

Download the Christchurch Study Guide!

Christchurch K-5 Study Guide
Christchurch Junior High Study Guide

Baltimore, Maryland

Samantha starts her visit in Charm City at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). From there she gets her “Full Hon” on at the wildly popular and yearly HonFest. Samantha also meets historian Lou Fields to learn about the deep American roots within the Fells Point docks.

Download the Baltimore Study guide!

Baltimore K-5 Study Guide
Baltimore Junior High Study Guide

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Samantha visits the New Mexico Capitol Art Collection; hikes to the peak of Dale Ball Trail #9 overlooking the entire city, and then navigates the Margarita Trail of Santa Fe at the legendary Cowgirl BBQ.

Download the Santa Fe Study guide!

Santa Fe K-5 Study Guide
Santa Fe Junior High Study Guide

Budapest, Hungary

Samantha takes in the stunning views overlooking the entire city atop Fisherman’s Bastion on the Buda side of the Danube.

Download the Budapest Study guide!

Budapest K-5 Study Guide
Budapest Junior High Study Guide

Bern Region, Switzerland

From an Alpine Garden on an idyllic mountaintop, to going deep underground experiencing the Cheese Grotto in Gstaad, biking through the waterfall covered valley of Lauterbrunnen and finally floating down the icy cold Aare River in Bern: Samantha has a most adventurous journey.

Download the Bern Region Study guide!

Bern Region – Switzerland K – 5 Study Guide
Bern Region – Switzerland Junior High Study Guide

Rhine River Cruise

Samantha’s epic cruise along the Rhine River includes a stop at Freiburg, Germany, which is the gateway to the Black Forest; Strasbourg, France and the Petite France neighborhood, and the iconic Heidelberg Castle.

Download the Rhine River Cruise Study guide!

Rhine River Cruise K-5 Study Guide
Rhine River Cruise Junior High Study Guide

Sonoma County

Samantha takes to the Sonoma coastline on a road trip stopping off at various beaches and talks to a local guide about sustainability in Sonoma, the Pacific coast and what to look for off the beaten path.

Download the Sonoma County Study guide!

Sonoma K-5  Study Guide
Sonoma Junior High Study Guide

Xi’an, China

Samantha travels to the ancient city of Xi’an, China. Feeling a little jet-lagged, Samantha stops off a local health clinic that has been practicing for over 500 years using traditional Chinese medicine. Along her journey, Samantha rides a bike atop the ancient City Wall, visits the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Terracotta Warriors and attends a spectacular outdoor performance.

Download the Xi’an, China Study guide!

Xian, China K-5 Study Guide
Xian, China Junior High Study Guide

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  1. Brilliant idea! Hope you can eventually get a study guide for each of the episodes. Not only is this great for home but the guides would be great to take along if adventuring to that particular place. Discovering the answers to the questions would be fun for the whole family. Also, I see this being wonderful for home-schooled children or any child doing research for an essay.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I teach Spanish. If you have any from Spanish speaking cities to add I’d love it!!

  3. This is a fabulous idea, Samantha! I have shared your lessons among my friends who are looking for a unique and fun way to teach from home after nearly a month of sheltering in place. It’s also a great way to revisit the places we love and to make a bucket list for when we can once again go out and explore.

  4. Your enjoyable and informative travelogues are fabulous! How you transition from food to scenery to activities to customs inspire us all! (Ages 14-80) Connecting with grandchildren and adult children through virtual travel is how we will prepare to actually go to these destinations post Covid-19. For now it’s TTT (Travel Trivia Time) every Tuesday to ‘share’ and ‘test’ what we learn from and are intrigued by the Places You Love. Thanks Samantha!

  5. In a time of incredible unease and uncertainty, thank you for making me remember my travels, smile without realizing it, be comforted by your voice and your journeys, and most of all, look forward to more places I can love. 💕 Thank you 😊

  6. Thank you for offering these wonderful study guides! My 3rd grade son researched Switzerland for a heritage project earlier this year. My husband’s family history can be traced back to Bern, and this was a wonderful close-up look. Thank you for showing us pieces of this beautiful world while we’re at home!

  7. Hello;

    I am looking to purchase a “purple” luggage bag. Do you no longer carry the purple..I always get compliments when I carry my all purple suite.

  8. Thank you for doing these study guides. My children are out grown and out of the house but I am loving them myself and learning so much. I don’t travel well so these make it enjoyable for me.

  9. Thank you for the study guide! A great resource and your always right on target for everything. We have watched you since you first came out with your travel shows and have loved you from the beginning. Keep sharing and we wish you and your family safe and happy days ahead. We dont travel much these days as
    with us getting older it is hard to do but you make it happen for us when you go and have your show.
    God bless. Lee and Teri W.

  10. I so look forward to traveling again. Sonoma is one of my favorite getaways. I always seem to seek out the beach communities and travel on the west coast!

  11. This is great and having them on the website is really helpful. I’m watching the Santa Fe episode now and since I’m currently exploring New Mexico the timing is great. Keep up the great work Samantha!

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